The blood of two peoples runs in us, and we want everyone to know we are still here

DDropping off a book at the Hampton Public Library, I glance at the counter and see a licorice-red flyer that says, “Come Join the Weyanoke Association: African Americans Honoring Our American Indian Heritage.” I look around. Is someone playing a joke on me?

In August 2004, my daughter and I…

I’m back… And my book, well, it’s happening. More on that soon but I want to re-introduce myself: Hi, I’m Shonda, (not that Shonda) and I’m a writer. No, really. I’ve been a professional writer since my first story was published in the LA Weekly in 1992 after the Rodney…

I woke and opened my eyes to a quiet morning, trying to feel if it was the end of an era. I didn’t want to turn on my phone, or check any feeds. If I didn’t know, then I couldn’t react. But of course, taking my husband to work we…

Shonda Buchanan

Writer. Laugher. Traveler. Often the only Black Indian woman in the room, since 5th grade to college (LMU, Antioch U.) and at board mtgs.

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