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Where International Style Collides: A Profile On Amy Newton Of Cultro Clothing

Amy Newton of Cultro Clothing.

Any dedicated designer knows that inspiration for a line is found just about anywhere, and in just about anything.

New York-based Cultro Clothing certainly understands this, as she aims to show multiple cultures in her work, never being limited to one place as inspiration.

Newton launched Cultro in 2013 after completing her degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. There, the designer continued to brush up on her Photoshop and Illustrator skills that she had previously developed as a graphic design major at the University of England. She also took private tutoring while at FIT to learn how to make patterns and sew women’s clothing.

“I’m a 34-year-old British-born black woman,” said Newton of her background. “My father is Jamaican, and my mother is half Nigerian, half Irish. Growing up, my influences stemmed from the West Indies, Africa, and Ireland. From the food I grew up on, to the music I listened to, to the attitude I had toward life… It revolved around my parent’s cultural references.”

These influences are on clear display in the designer’s work.

Cultro Clothing is a line that takes a cultured and metropolitan perspective on the modern woman. Newton’s idea behind the threads is to incorporate her original artwork — based on celebrating the diversity of various cultures from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America — and combine them with modern and feminine silhouettes.

With hopes that Cultro will become a household name in fashion, Newton launched her first runway show in 2013 in New York City’s famed Chelsea neighborhood.

“Watching my pieces come down the runway was so amazing. I also enjoyed getting real recognition for my aesthetic and my hard work — that was definitely a great moment for me,” said Newton.

Her first collection in Fall 2013 had a West African influence. This year, her Spring 2015 collection reflected influences from Bali while her Fall 2015 collection showcases influences from Copenhagen.

Newton makes it her mission to create pieces that allow women to stand out in the crowd, regardless of what is popular or trendy. She allows her love for travel and adventure to show up in her designs.

Currently, in production for her Spring 2016 line, Newton was inspired by New York streetwear.