Week 1

Monday, August 22, 2016 9pm-10:30pm

Before the first of class we were instructed to read an essay on life’s 5 great stories; Career, friendship/romance, long-term partnership/business, leadership, and intellectual/spiritual. we then were asked to think about which of the stories is the most important to us right now, what we are doing to script ours, and what story will be important to us in the future. Right now I believe career and friendship are the stories that are most important to me right now because my main focus at this point in time is school. Getting my education so that I have more opportunities to get the career I’m interested in the future. And to get as much experience in the field as possible. Friend is important right now too because for one I’m in college so I want to have as much fun as I can and share that with my friends. And people always say its not what you know, but who you know. So building those friendships is essential. In the future I believe all 5 of the stories will important. I think I will need to have a balance with them all to have a successful, happy, and fulfilling life. At least my ideal life. I am going to school, networking, building relationships, making sure I take every opportunity given to me that will benefit me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 11:10am-12:30pm

In the beginning of class we discussed life’s 5 great stories. Professor asked some people to share what story is more important to them. Then in class we talked about and were given notes on the back story to the first reading, The Illiad. The book was set during the trojan war between the Achaians or Danaans and the Trojans. We talked about menis or the wrath of Achilleus. We also talked about the wedding of Pelius (mortal king) and Thetis (Sea Nymph goddess) and how there was a prophecy that stated she would have a son greater than his father. The apple of Discord (Eris) was also discussed. The apple was encrypted with “To the fairest” and tossed in to everyone’s mits. Leading to the Judgment of Paris. Where Paris, a trojan prince, was suppose to choose who is the fairest out Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 7:30pm–10pm

Reading book 1 of the The Illiad and taking notes.

  1. What seems to be most important to Achilles? What is most important to Agamemnon? What specific passages reveal their values to you? Record your answers in your weekly journal.

Achilleus honor seems to be the most important to him because he mentions it multiple time in book one. Specifically in lines 169–171, “ Now I am returning to phithia, since it is much better to go home again with my curved ships, and I am minded no longer to stay here dishonored and pile your wealth and luxury.” He’s about keeping his word and being fair. I believe power is what’s most important to Agamemnon. He wants to control everyone around him, instill fear in them and ultimately have power over them. Just by looking at the way he speaks to people, for example his conversation with Achilles in lines 131–140. Where he’s basically saying the achaians can’t keep their prize and he get nothing, he has to get something too that he desires or he’ll take their prize. Or how he speaks with the priest in lines 24–32 in book 1.

  1. How do Achilles and Agamemnon see their own identity? What I mean is, if you asked either one of them this question, “What kind of person are you?”, what do you think their answer would be an why?

Like stated before I believe that Achilleus sees himself as honorable and fair and trustworthy. Because of how hurt he is when Agamemnon violates their agreement or how he asks his mother to ask Zeus for his honor back. I feel like Agamemnon thinks he’s just really powerful and can do what he wants. And can control over anyone and anything. Solely based on how he treats and talks to the people he encounters.

  1. Have a one-hour conversation with someone, by phone or in person, about this question: how do you decide how much a human being is worth?

Basically the discussion was that now-a-days a person’s worth is typically decided by the amount of money they have and/or material objects. For example, someone who is wealthy with a fancy house and nice cars would be worth more than someone with a minimal wage job living in a 1-bedroom apartment . When in reality, a person’s worth should be based on who someone is as a person; their personality, how they treat others, what’s their contribution to society, how they impact others. Worth should be calculated more on who you are as a person rather than what you have.

Thursday, August 25, 2016 11:10am-12:30pm

In class we continued the discussion on the Judgement of Paris. Three goddesses each felt like they were the fairest and that they deserved the apple of discord. It was suppose to Paris’ decision on who he believed was the fairest but it ended up being which goddess promised him the best gift. Athena promised him the greatest distinction of war, Hera offered royal sovereignty, and Aphrodite promised him a women, Helen. Paris ultimately picked Aphrodite, so she arranged for Paris to seduce Helen and take her from her husband Menelaos. We then went on to talk about the first eight lines of Book one of The Illiad. The lines mention the conflict between Achilleus and Agamemnon. The war will be devastating, many achaians will die and fed to animals, like dogs and birds. Achilleus anger isn’t controlled and can be seen as Divine Wrath. Achilleus is mad because Briseis is taken from him and he feels like it was a violation. He feels humiliated, dominated, that he loss someone close to him, and the terms of the war weren’t followed.

Sunday, August 28, 2016 11:30–2:45pm

An assignment was to visit the National Gallery on the Mall and take three pictures of works of art that speak to the power of love. The first picture was in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden. It says “Amor,” which in Spanish means love. It shows the power of love because the word is the focus of the sculpture. There’s no other images or words, just the word in red. The second picture is of a marble artwork of “Madonna and Child.” You can see the bond and adoration that she has with her child. There’s no other type of love like the type of love between a mother and her child, its unconditional. And in the last picture its a painting of the Judgement of Paris. Paris picks Aphrodite over the other goddesses because she promised him the love of Helen. This shows that love conquers everything to him. He chose love over great distinction of war and royal sovereignty

Monday, August 29, 2016 5pm-7pm and 9:45–11:45pm

Book 2–4 of the Illiad Reading

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:10am-12:30pm

At the beginning of class we talked about the artworks that we saw in the national gallery and how they speak to the power of love. What the power of love conquers in the artwork. Then we talked about things that we did not understand so far in the Illiad. The catalogue of ships at the end of Book 2 and the importance of the list. Shows how the muses are keepers of history and the amount of people in this war, on these ships, and the amount of bodies Achilleus were about to kill (Epic Granger). We also discussed the Council of Gods in Book 4. The war was started because Paris took Helen from from Menelaos. The power of love in the book; eros greek for love and its all consuming. Has to do withe embrace, communication, and beauty. Professor the mentioned lines 146–160 in Book 3 which says you can’t blame the Trojans and Achaians for doing all this, fighting for Helen, for Helen because she’s so beautiful. It was weird for the older men to say this and to understand because their older and more wise love should have no affect on them. Though they don’t like it, they get it. And lastly, we went over line 146 in Book 4 which shows Agamemnons attachment to Menelaos. Its the passage right after Menelaos is shot, Agamemnon is about to lose his spirit and is really angry and all of Troy is going to pay for what Panderus has done to Menelaos. Agamemnon feels shame and guilt, “A thing of reproach,” he will be the center of criticism, he failed in a major way, sent all his people to war and even got his brother killed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8pm-9:30pm

Book 5 of the Illiad reading

  1. What is your understanding of the term “hero”? What do heroes typically do? What do they look like? What do they wear? What are their values? Has someone ever written a poem about your type of hero? Why or why not?

An everyday hero is someone who is looked up to by others. People go to them for safety, guidance, and advice/opinions. They are admired by many and an inspiration; role model. In movies or cartoons, heroes typically are called to save someone from life or death situation. For example, Batman and Spiderman. They are understanding, caring, respectful, brave, and just exemplify the type of inspiration you would want to be others.

2. What does Diomedes do in Book Five that agrees or disagrees with your understanding of the term “hero”?

In book 5, Diomedes starts of by killin Phegeus. He then goes on a rage after he was struck and kills multiple people looking for Pandros. He eventually ends up stabbing Aphrodite while she’s carrying her own son. A hero doesn’t go around killing people because he’s angry, a hero knows how to control his emotions. And people aren’t usually scared of their hero, but someone would be frightened by Diomedes.

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