Daily Dev-Method, Man



Learned something new today. At first it was very confusing. Now, it’s just confusing(lol). But I’m sure with time, these concepts will become familiar.

2 months into my introduction to web development and I am still learning the best ways for myself to comprehend concepts that are foreign to me. I have become more methodical in my approach to learning. I have changed into a man of methods— a Method Man.

Throughout high school and college my methods of learning were to

  1. Be present in class/lectures/labs
  2. Read the literature
  3. Take notes
  4. Rewrite and reread said notes/literature
  5. Commit said notes/literature to memory

That was my simple, yet somewhat effective method of learning. The listen and learn approach.

How did it fair?

Well… I graduated. C’s get degrees, am I right(jeez).

I know there are other variables that can be accounted for not getting the grades. Variables such as teaching strategies or lack of interest in subjects. Or other variables like major interest in getting high with the homies.

I have taken a different approach to learning

I looked at previous passions of mine. I wondered how I became an enthusiast or by my own rights, an aficionado of those areas. And maybe if I learned coding passionately it would help me to become an expert developer.

So far, I think it’s working.

Ball ‘Til I fall

That picture was taken at my happy place, the basketball court. How did I get my immaculate, pure, textbook jumper? I practiced. I played. I learned from coaches, TV shows, and magazines/books. I immersed myself with all things basketball. I used the same methods for my golf game. Mr. Long Drive Champion, over here.

After basketball and golf, cooking and all things food was my love. As soon as I could see over the oven-top, I was slangin’ around pots and pans, whippin’ up the work, I was cooking(thank you Based God). I found that I used the same methods to learn how to cook. But I upgraded the tool set for my cooking projects with the use of the internet.

So, what did I learn about learning?

I learned that you have to be passionately interested or devoted to a subject to learn it. Those are 2 different things. A person can be devoted to a certain subject because they see the monetary benefits of learning it. That doesn’t necessarily mean a person has to be interested in that subject.

For example look at the most common reason why people enter a college program. Most people who enter a college program go to gain knowledge in order to acquire a better paying career. College majors are chosen first by job outlook rather than interest in the curriculum.

I learned I need to be interested and not just devoted.

College was alright for me. Was I devoted? Enough to get my B.A. in Psychology with a Marketing minor concentration. Was I interested?

Not Passionately.

When I started this post, I intended it to be a story about the methods I use to learn code. I notice I tailed off a little bit, but it was an important tangent. Not only do you need the right methods to work to your goals — I feel you must also be passionate about the subject you wish to learn about.

Find something you’d want to do even if it meant you had to do it on a rainy day. Find something you’d want to do even if it meant you had to sacrifice something in return.

Then use these methods I use to learn how to code.


  • Figure out your learning style. Or know that there are different learning styles. Test techniques of all the styles and see what works best for you.


  • Set clear and concise goals/work towards completing a project

Concise goals or projects set you up for successful learning because it helps you focus on certain aspects of a subject. If you want to learn to code, narrow it down to 1 programming language at a time. Create a project upon learning a something new. It doesn’t have to be a giant project. Just create something from the subjects that you learn.


  • Find a mentor(like Tai Lopez)(PSSSSSYYYCCCCHHHHH)

There are services like Codementor.io, that will help you find a mentor. But having a mentor doesn’t have to be so traditional. With the internet you can find influencers/experts on any subject. Find a person that inspires you and give them a google search. If that person is truly an expert, there should be tons of interviews, videos, and talks that you can learn from. Most experts also write books or offer tutorials/workshops on their expertise. Use their knowledge as guidance to learn.


  • Don’t Quit


  • Don’t do it all by yourself

Mentors are good, but I think friends and a great support system are better. Make sure to have that cheering section for the tough times. Join Meetup, groups. Surround yourself with other people who have the same interests.

I hope these methods or whatever they are, help in your quest of knowledge and skill.

too da loo.