Daily Dev-Small Wins


I did it. I completed the freeCodeCamps basic javascript section!

Now on to basic algorithms. In this section they hold your hand a little less. This is the section where they teach you how to think like a programmer.

No certificates yet, but I feel this small step is another notch in the win column for ol’ Frankie boy.

For me, small wins sometimes backfire.

Sometimes I give myself to much credit upon finishing a section of a course. The sense of achievement sometimes gets the best of me. I start to take it easy.

But I feel the change of pace isn’t all bad…

I dedicate at least 4 hours a day to my code. As of now, the coding part of my day includes fCC challenges, a Udemy course, and reading insightful stories here on Medium. Even when my google timer tells me its time to take a break , I usually find another article or video to watch.

So when I complete a section or finish the build of a small project I give myself a tiny break. Somewhat of a reward for my work. A reward like staying up an hour later to catch some TV or vice versa, sleep in an extra hour to recharge the batteries.

I used to extend these rewards longer than I should have.

Say we change the subject from coding to health and exercise goals. If I were to reward myself with a carb loaded meal or even just a donut. It would be counter productive. Almost as counter productive as missing a day of code. For something new to settle in my head or any one else’s, that thing must be done repetitively and regularly. Lose a day of learning /review and you might lose all that recently gained knowledge.

Now I make sure once I am back on track the next day after reward day. Back to the daily grind. These small wins are great on this long journey through web development. I like to use them as a small reminder on what I have accomplished.

It also reminds me of my enjoyment through the process.

Sometimes when I’m tired, I actually forget that I enjoyed what I learned! After finding a solution to a coding challenge I can’t help but to give a little fist bump ala Tiger Woods. Creating a solution is like adding adding more ammo to my arsenal of coding tricks.

Whenever I finish a watch and code project I must show it off — even though the code isn’t all mine. Upon completion, the files go straight to GitHub and Codepen. Then sometimes, if I really like the end product, I pop a link to it in a slack channel filled with other peeps on the journey to a tech career. And of course, after all that is done, I pick up the laptop and shove the new web app in my families faces.


I wonder when these small wins won’t excite me as much. Is it always going to be like this? Or will I look at these small wins as a simple layup on the basketball court? Nothing special, but still getting points — ya dig?