AMC’s Kabuki Theater
M.G. Siegler

Man I miss local, independent movie theaters. I never go to theaters because they suck, even for PQ and audio I mean, I can do better at home.

Worse, I am taunted by one every day, as about 4 blocks from my house is the old Fine Arts theater which has been a succession of “event spaces” for years and years. And they removed the neon! So sad.

It used to be not just the weird independent theater, but the local community theater (if that didn’t mean something else). I think what killed it was Netflix, as they did a good business having an independent video rental spot, with employees who would actually recommend e.g. this obscure Anime you must not miss. Loss of that dropped traffic and revenue and it was only a matter of time.

Anyway, back in the 80s, they did stuff like air the old 40s serials before a classic SF film. Forbidden Planet is amazing on the big screen. And it is better when before that you get a Space Patrol and Rocket Man (it’s the ur Iron Man). Serials. Come back next week to see the next thrilling installment. And it worked. We went every weekend the entire summer they did this.

Beer is one attraction, but these theaters were pretty full with enthralled kids for this SF matinee. Why can’t we have those theater experiences again?

(Looking for a photo, found it mentioned here Interesting history behind who owned it.)

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