My New MBP
steven hoober


Still crazy fast.

D-pad still awful. Slowly getting just good enough to use it.

Metal is very, very soft. I dunno if less heat treatment than before or just sharper corners, but I leave my computer open all the time, and set it down on the floor next to a chair sideways (cannot be stepped on, etc. The corners where it contacts the floor are getting burrs. I had to stick some adhesive pads on there, will see if it lasts.

Battery life is… unknown. But I’ve used it for hours and hours without charge, so seems fine.

Have had some dongle issues. Getting all new ones means compatibility checks are all new, and some are not great. So, I have two RGB dongles now, need to see if I can persuade myself one works, cut down to that.

Thumb drives are annoying. I have exactly one that I bought for this, but dozens of A that don’t work. Annoying.

Brightness seems twitchy. Hard to get the right level, harder to use the touchbar than the buttons.

No time remaining on battery is stupid.

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