Overcoming Writers Block

Are you stuck? You can’t think of anything to write and find yourself surfing facebook at the desk in your little writers cell. It’s the worst kind of blank page to face.

You might need to lubricate your thinking out of the rusty track it’s stuck in. Short of ingestion of multiple mind altering drugs or a rwo week stay on a sunny beach with no email, you could instead shove your thinking into randomness and disorder, thereby forcing your brain to shake off its lethargy and start making sense out of the inputs being jammed into it.

What’s The Story suggests some ways to insert some randomness into your thinking. Take a story you like and plug it into critters.org and see what comes out, and then go play with random opening line generators. Turn your mind loose and see what it comes up with to make sense out of that flux of randomness coming at it. You may find your writers block goes away. Give it a try.

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