Appliances are known to be one of the biggest consumers of electricity. Some like air-conditioners, washing machines, etc, are known to be voracious users of electricity. A washing machine is said to consume enormous amount of electricity for its work operation, so much that not even a star rated efficient washing machine can help avoid this kind of consumption.

How to help avoid excess electricity consumption and save electricity?

To begin with, it’s important that washing machine like all appliances should be used efficiently and to the point without overdoing their usage. Using it properly and correctly within limits goes a long way in curbing excess and unnecessary usage and unwanted increase in electricity bills.


Make use of the following inputs to bring down your electricity bill amount while still making the best use of your washing machine:

  • MACHINE SIZE: Make sure that your washing machine is of the right size as per your requirements. Big size machines are known to be voracious electricity consumers. That is why your washing machine size should be of normal size, reasonably priced and good enough to wash all of your clothes swiftly and perfectly. This way you get the best of washing machine for your money as well.
  • MACHINE TYPE: Go for a front load washing machine for its more efficient than a top load machine. Further, front load machines use less water and electricity as well.
  • LOAD SIZE PER WASH: Make sure to load your washing machine optimally. Avoid both over loading as well as under loading for they may damage the machine’s drum bearings and belt and also inflate electricity usage. Further they will fail to clean clothes properly.
  • DETERGENT QUANTITY: Always use the right type of detergent. Wrong choice will only land your machine in trouble, with multiple wash cycles leading to water and electricity wastage. Further know that Front and top loads have their own kind of detergents.
  • AVOID ‘STAND BY’ MODE: Ensure that your washing machine is never placed on stand-by mode for they consume more electricity.
  • REDUCE HEATING: Excessive heating not only raises your electricity bill by around 90% but also can damage the fabrics of the clothes. Also, use cold water during heating process for they can bring down the electricity usage.
  • USE FASTER SPIN SPEEDS: Go for faster spin speeds for they help save electricity instead of thermal dryer which consumes heat to dry clothes. Further faster spin speeds is also efficient.
  • DRY CLOTHES NATURALLY: Adopt dry clothing in sun for its most natural and eco-friendly while also helping cut down electricity consumption. Where you are not keen on dry clothes under sun, go for front loading washing machine for they use less water and also offer faster spin speed that dries clothes in lesser time while ensuring savings in electricity.

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