What does the Future hold for Animators in India

The animation is not just a Word, It is all about the art of effective storytelling,it is a life generating tool, which has swayed an array of competent sectors and individuals. Even though the technique did not hail from India, but we do have a eulogized past and future of possibilities with a number of milestones & contributions of many hands that have built it. The outlook of entertainment has been changed by the heavy influence of animation and VFX and has certainly caught the fancy of audiences young and old. Few years ago, India had a tremendous opportunity to take supremacy for outsourcing opportunities as well as developing the skill to create territorial content for the send out. Due to an inadequacy of coaching and foundation on a large scale to prepare the manpower as per the international standards India could not take that opportunity but today it is being regenerated with the education at the elementary and secondary levels. The animation was always considered an expensive proposal. Since the emergence of the digital technologies becoming more user-friendly and accessible, animation has become a widespread mode of entertainment as one of the major resource-intensive media practices.

According to a few reliable sources, The Animation Schools in India is about to see an indicative growth in terms of returns and participation in the near future . The Indian animation industry has been progressing by doing work for foreign entertainment companies on a regular basis and also developing characters,lines and voices on its own by which the industry is gaining expertise and moving up the value chain.

The Indian animation industry has been fighting a few big problems in the past. Effective production pipeline,skilled workforce, and infrastructure have been some of the major hurdles.The leading animation companies have all these roughly in place. Roughly it means there is a huge scope of improvement and the future of animation industry is based on how well we can better ourselves in these.

Today, people spend a lot of their time viewing screens in theaters,mobiles,computers. Hence, the amount of quality content needed to feed these screens is massive, so that people can remain engrossed and enjoy uninterrupted and high-quality entertainment.

Skilled professionals who can contribute to this continuous content creation workflow will always find a great career,but we still face a very big challenge in the form of lack of employable resources because there is very low awareness about animation as a career and non-existence of a uniform and quality syllabus across the few handful institutes in India. The lack of government support is also a big hindrance in the growth of the animation industry.The Indian government has not been providing enough support to the animation industry like it does to the IT industry. With animated regional pictures gaining success the animation courses in Hyderabad especially are trending with growing popularity as there are many animation institutes in Hyderabad opening up. The animation industry in enjoying a rapid growth in the last few years, in the form of animated movies,proliferation of devices,the internet and social media and a lot of co-production treaties between India and foreign countries. The evolution of animation in India has come a long way with the increasing availability of professional mainstream education, skill development programs.The future in Animation and Digital media looks brighter than ever.

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