Special Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are something that come along only once in a year, a day when one grows a year older and a day when one reflects on the year gone by and the year ahead.

For everyone a birthday signifies a birthday cake, candles, balloons, and a grand party wherein friends and family converge to wish birthday wishes to the birthday person and join in the celebration. More than that, it has become customary over the years to give something to the birthday person as a token of affection and love on their special day.

Acknowledgement in line with the tradition is more or less in the form of a birthday gift that brings smiles and showers love, underlying the depth of feelings of true affection for the birthday person. Even a mere card or a bouquet of flowers is enough to eject a smile on the birthday person and his acknowledgement of your feelings for him/her.


There are several factors; often many are specific to certain individuals and the rest to other individuals. Each have their own reason to give a birthday gift, but there are some factors which are quite common among all that plays a role in compelling one to gift a birthday gift.

Here are some reasons as to why birthday gift has become mandatory:

  • To maintain a tradition those lays emphasis on showering a birthday gift on the birthday person and show that person that you do care for them.
  • To show the birthday person that he is remembered on his/her special day, reflecting your feelings in a way that is soaked in by the recipient through the gift.
  • To make up for the absence for the birthday party. In a busy world where people often live far apart across geographical boundaries, a gift will make up for the absence by conveying your feelings on the special day. A message accompanying the gift regretting the absence further goes a long way in comforting and making the recipient understand.
  • To remind the birthday person of self. This reminder can be long lasting one if the birthday gift is durable and long-lasting.
  • To reaffirm personal bond to a loved one, a way of showing genuine, pure and unadulterated love and affection.

Also it must be noted that there are some birthday people who are reluctant to accept money and so would prefer gifts. Being a gifting occasion, they would not mind accepting a gift.

Over the years, gifts have become a given thing for birthdays just like it is for weddings and receptions, and also common for a birthday person to expect one. Some of the most popular gifts include clothes, jewellery, electronic gadgets, flowers, cake / chocolate box, paper money, etc.

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