Reasons why steel is the preferred building material

Steel happens to be the number one choice of almost all the builders. It cannot be denied at all that this metal forms the basic component required for constructing the foundation of buildings of different sizes and shapes. There is no place for arguing that steel is one of the hardest metals. What are the other factors that make steel the preferred constructional metal for all the builders? Let us find out now.

· It is versatile

It is said that steel is the most versatile metal as far as constructional projects are concerned. It is durable, strong as well as highly resistant against corrosion. This makes steel structure the ultimate choice for high risers in areas which are prone to earthquake as well as for underwater constructions where structures remain waterlogged most of the times.

· Better option than wood

Steel is fast replacing wood in case of construction of window grills, foundational pillars, frames and shutters in many constructional projects.Among the reasons behind this include its resistance against water damage and decay and itslight weight. Places where the average rainfall throughout the year is quite high might find their windows and window frames decaying and getting affected by termites if they use wood. But this would never happen if they replace wood with steel. Secondly, when steel is used for framing, the design is done in such a way that it becomes light in weight. This helps in keeping the dead load of the building within limits which eventually maintains the sturdiness of the entire structure.

· Easy to install

Another benefit of using steel in windows and frames that adds to the advantage of the builders is that steel parts usually come in the form of pre-engineered parts. All that is required to be done is to follow the instruction manual and join them properly, and mount them in areas meant for them. This helps in economizing on time.

· Extremely sustainable

Steel is perhaps among the few metals that can be recycled and used repeatedly without compromising on its sturdiness and durability. Thus, if you are environment conscious then you will feel be happy to know that the material used by you in the basic foundation of your constructional project will not add further to the already overfilled landfills.

· Resistance of all sorts

As it has already been notified steel remains sturdy against water damage. This attribute of steel also makes it the popularly chosen constructional metal in areas that receive excessive snowfall throughout the year. In addition to this, steel is also immune against any sort of pest attack. Steel is so durable that it does not get affected by extremely windy conditions. This specific attribute makes it the perfect choice for constructing buildings in windy areas which remain extremely vulnerable to the tremors of earthquake. In addition to all these is the immunity of steel to remain unaffected by fire and seismic attacks.