Reasons why TMT bars have become builder’s choice today

TMT bars have become the most preferred choice of builders today for various constructional projects undertaken anywhere. The frequency of occurrence of earthquake all over the world has further necessitated the use of these reinforced steel bars in constructions of different sizes and types. If you are new in the world of building and construction, you might be eager to know why are TMT bars fast replacing the traditional bars used in concrete constructions and buildings and builders are showing interest to buy tata tmt online or from its authorized stores. Read and upgrade yourself.

· How TMT bars are made

Manufacture of these TMT bars is done using a specialized technique. The billets are heated at an approximate temperature of 1100 degree Celsius in reheating furnace. After the introduction of these billets in the furnace, they are progressively rolled through a series of rolls. As a result of this heat treatment the billers are reduced to the finished size rebar. In this context, it needs to be notified that the specialized construction of these billets, which feature gradually reducing cross sections, assist in the process of turning billets into rebar. The rolled bars are then passed through water box after the last rolling stand. This stage in the production of TMT bars ensures that the surface of the bars will get hardened, whereas the core would remain soft and radiate heat. Since this heat from the core is generated outward, the outer layer of the rebar gets tempered as a consequence. However, with time the core also starts cooling to form Ferrite Pearlite microstructure.

· What is the specific feature of microstructure of a rebar

The microstructure of rebar comprises of three layers. The innermost layer is soft and comprises of a combination of Ferrite and Pearlite. The intermediate layer has softer rim with tougher mid radius, and comprises of a combination of Acicular Ferrite and Pearlite. The extremely outer layer is hardest of all. It comprises of Tempered Martensite.

· Why are TMT bars easy to work with

Welding and bending the steel bar are common features of each and every constructional project. Galvanized bars or coated steel bars offer least resistance to the rigor of manual handling at site. Eventually, the protective coating gives in. However, this is not so in case of TMT bars. Their ability to bend and offer ductile strength make it easier for the workers at the construction sites to work conveniently with these reinforced bars without the fear that they might get damaged. Moreover, as they can be bent to a great extent so workers find it easier to shape them into accurate shapes as per the demand of the construction project.