Your personal encyclopedia of TMT bars

Few years back, the builders did not mind much regarding the quality of the steel rods that they would use for various construction projects. Their only concern was election of rust free and strong steel bars. However, over the years the preferences of renowned builders have shifted towards TMT bars. Hence, if you are new in this construction industry then you must develop clear understanding about TMT steel bars, their utility and advantages. Here is a concise encyclopedia for you. Watch out.

· What are TMT bars?

TMT bars are steel rods that have been thermo mechanically treated. Steel derived from the iron-ore which is the fundamental material of TMT bars, is rolled at a temperature above its re-crystallization temperature. After this thermo mechanical treatment, no further treatment is needed for strengthening this category of steel rods.

· What are their distinctive attributes?

The major property of TMT bars that arouses builder’s interest to make purchase of TMT online or through in-store is its strength which is comparatively much higher than ordinary mild steel rods. As a result, the builders are assured that constructional structures made from this material will be extremely durable and safe. The next attribute is that it is manufactured by strictly abiding to the quality standards. Thirdly, they can be easily bent and do not develop any cracks at the bend from where it is done so. Fourthly, the appreciably increased ductility adds further to structure’s durability. Simultaneously, good welding ability of TMT bars as a result of chemistry control is not ignored too.

· Which category does TMT belong to?

Steel rods may belong to either the mild or deformed steel category. TMT bars belong to the category of deformed bar. The advantage of this special variety is that it offers unique combination of strength and ductility properties which are not available in case of ordinary deformed bars. In nutshell, it can be said that this variety of deformed steel rods is much better in comparison to its ordinary substitute.

· What is the significance of thermo mechanical treatment?

This specialized process of heat treatment leads to the manufacture of steel bars that are both strong and ductile. The process involves hot rolling of steel billets followed by patented intense cooling by specially designed water nozzles. This immediate switch over of temperatures makes the outer layer of the bars cold and hard, while the internal layer remains hot. Afterwards, the rods are subjected to further cooling in natural ambience. The internal heat preserved at the core leads to tempering of the cooled surface of rods. Finally, when the rods get totally cooled over the time, the process imparts properties such as strength and ductility to the TMT bars.