4 Tips to Bring Your Life and Business To The Next Level

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Venturing into the entrepreneurial world can differ for every woman — some might already have the funds to take her idea to the next level, while others would have to be on what I like to call the “peanut butter diet” for months just so money can be set aside to be used as an investment. Others might be juggling a full time job while growing her online business after-work hours, or shuttling her children from one destination to another, preparing meals and tending to house chores.

Wherever you may be, these tips will help bring your life and budding business to the next level.

Create a “daily mini-goals list”

Each time you complete a task, no matter how big or small it is, move that task to this list. Not only are multiple small wins incredibly motivating, they also supercharge your energy and efficiency when you work on the next task! Read this list at the end of the day and allow yourself to feel a sense of pride and achievement. As you continue doing this every day, looking at your “to-do” list no longer makes you groan in frustration, but motivates you to become more productive, focused, and determined to cross out all those pesky little to-do’s!

Take breaks and rest.

The feeling of hitting a roadblock can be majorly unpleasant, and your motivational levels diminishes overtime. Before you allow that to happen, take a quick break and breather. Stand up, stretch for a couple of minutes, and walk around for a bit. The important thing to remember is to not stay in one position for too long, such as sitting at your desk. I catch myself sitting for more than three hours at one go regularly, and find that the 3-hour mark is the maximum I would stay sitting at my desk before I find a need to stretch legs and body. This could even be a five minute break, making a hot cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen, or meditating. This helps me boost my energy and focus a lot better the second I sit down and get back to work.

One method you can consider as well would be the Pomodoro method, where you focus for 45 minutes and take a 10 minute break, for a couple of cycles.

In the end, you have to find what works best for you! If you have not tried doing so, it’s time to start experimenting to find the optimal routine to get you working productively and efficiently!

Allow yourself to immerse in something you love doing.

Maybe that’s dance, or reading, or talking to people, but you have to nourish your mind and soul as well. As much as you are passionate and proud of your work, you need to prevent yourself from ever burning out completely.

I’ll admit — I do feel anxious each time I’m doing something other than building the Ava’s girl tribe or working on our digital marketing strategy, and it definitely took me a while to look past that and see how much more beneficial it is for WithAva.co and myself if I took regular 1–2 hour breaks to do something I like doing most — playing the violin.

Pitch, pitch, and pitch!

See your work or brand involved in something? Write to a podcast, ad online magazine or blog, or an entrepreneur you admire whom you can extend your help to! Look out for submission guidelines, or keywords like “get involved”, “write with us”, or “contribute”, and submit your pitches there!

Always remember that you will face rejection — it’s inevitable and it’s time we stop being too positive about how our great content would catch everyone’s attention (and if it doesn’t, it’s your fault). Understand that you value your work, but it doesn’t define the person that you are. Someone will turn your offer or idea down, multiple times! The key is to not take it personally — and if someone doesn’t like your work, well, thank them for their time and move on! The longer you take to move on, the longer you’ll take to find the person who will leap from her chair and say “yes” to what you have to offer!

Being an entrepreneur demands a lot of determination and the motivation to keep going without wasting time on the negatives or the failures. As they say, you fake it till you make it! You can do this!

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