Making the Deliberate Choice to Stop Wearing Grody Pajamas

I’ve always been the kind of person who has strategized her clothing to get the most wear out of it. Even as a teenager, I would never wear new jeans and a new T-shirt on the same day; it would be new jeans with old T-shirt, or new shirt with worn-out khaki pants (it was the ’90s, we all had that dismal pair of Gap-inspired khakis).

When I started working, I never bothered getting “transition clothes” to fill the hours between getting home and going to bed; I’d come home and immediately put on pajamas, because I didn’t want to wear out my good Ann Taylor Loft shift dresses.

It was a personal triumph when I owned enough office clothes that I could go a full two weeks without repeating an outfit. That, to me, felt like the first step in “making it.” I gave those clothes the best care I could, and I have six-year-old Loft dresses still hanging in my closet today.

Source: Making the Deliberate Choice to Stop Wearing Grody Pajamas