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Finding E commerce photographers in Delhi is no doubt one tricky and time consuming task where you require a good deal and without compromising with the quality. No wonder photography plays a significant role in e commerce industry where you need to convince your buyers with what you portray with your product photography. There are couple of sellers who intend to do the product photography on their own but face challenges because of lack of skills and resources. For small start ups and medium sized businesses who can’t afford to set up a studio of their own. So here is your one stop solution — — Bring It Online Media pvt ltd a start up which provides ecommerce product photography in Delhi NCR areas. The Director and founder of this company Mr Dev has an experience of 7years in the field of E commerce product photography Gurgaon Not only photography but Bring It Online provides other online marketing services like social media marketing, E commerce web development solutions, search engine optimisation, product listing ads, remarketing activities, expansion on right market places by understanding the genre of your business. E commerce industry is very vast and growing at an amazing pace. It has been stated by a survey that only 8% of the offline stores or retail market has on boarded the online space. Imagine the growth of this industry in coming years; it will be immense for sure. Now the question which arise is who will win this race between the sellers, market places and the end consumers. Yes the answer could be merely a guess but nobody is certain about it. Product photography Delhi has always been and will always be the backbone of m commerce and e commerce. Selling or buying online is very much in trends these days. Since all our lives are so hectic that we hardly have time to go and shop but rather we prefer buying online; digital marketing agencies like Bring It Online — helps sellers to get all the services under one roof and at ease. Be it ecommerce photography in Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida we do provide pickup and drop services for your products. You will rarely find such a smart and time saving solution for your creating your E catalogue. We cater to multiple categories for product photography like shoes, bags, shades, sarees, fashion accessories, apparel photography, model shoot, portfolio shoot, bedding , furniture, kitchen accessories, glassware, reflective and non reflective nature of products. If you are looking for a smart digital solution in Delhi NCR then don’t think twice just make the right choice. Also we are official partners for photography and product listing with Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal, askmebazaar, Shopo and lot more. Websites like , limeroad, gifts by Meeta, fabfurnish, yellow door, pepperfry, happily unmarried have developed a niche market and are able to generate a stable growth and stand out from the crowd. This also proves a simple theory of being unique and to explore the unexplored area. Yes that’s the key to success for all the new start ups who plan to establish their online business. Online marketing also plays a vital role in the success of any start up also to work on right stats, A/B testing, competitors analysis, a concrete plan with a detailed business plan which will also help your investors to develop better faith in you. Starting from the very first stage of raw material procurement to its upfront selling you need to calculate a long list of overheads, team salary, transport, and plenty of other add on expenses which contribute alot in your Business plan. So before you start to set up a small photo studio of your own these are the important factors which you should consider: At first you need to have ample of open space where you have good source of natural light as well. Also the area which you require depends on the product line which you deal or aim to shoot. A 16x16 feet studio is ideal for regular ecommerce product photography Noida, which could be little bigger or smaller depending upon your requiem. Then, comes the furniture’s, fixtures and other photography equipments which you would need to set up your own studio. What all you need is a table, a pair of light, white backdrop a DSLR, and a skilled photographer. Also you can experiment with different type of lenses per the product line which is to be shot. There are different types of lenses which are used for indoor/ outdoor photography. Less mm 18–55mm, 55–210 are generally preferred for indoor product photography but in case of outdoor photography higher mm lenses like 500–1000mm are being used by photographers depends if it is wildlife shoot, landscapes or any other. There are couple of photographers who have been professionally doing wedding photography, especially candid photography which is so in these days. Well experienced and trained professionals have been minting good money in this profession. And a place where technology meets the right skills will surely make the best out of it.

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