Meet Our Models: Therese Bengsston

How do you spend your days?

I start each day with a walk outside, and depending on where I am at the moment, that walk may include honking cars from morning commuters or singing birds in the countryside. But that walk is always the magic of my morning and I couldn’t start the day without it. The rest of the days is usually spent as a typical entrepreneur — I’m currently in the process of starting my own modeling agency. I’m running around to different meetings, working at my computer from home, doing a variety of modeling jobs and trying to stay inspired. In between rounds of productivity, I eat a lot of food (huge foodie) and drink a lot of coffee!

Tell us about a passion of yours or an issue you care about deeply.

I’m very passionate about Mother Nature and life in general. Every life on this planet — including our own!! — is so precious and it’s a passion of mind to make sure that we take care of each gift of life that is given to this earth. So as long as I do something in my day that makes this planet a little bit better, I’m happy.

What does intentional living mean to you?

Intentional living to me is to bring awareness to every moment. With awareness comes knowledge, and from knowledge, we can make conscious, compassionate and sustainable choices. If we just bring awareness to our everyday life, we can live each moment with the intention of always doing our best. From that place we find happiness. I honestly think we all want to be and do good, and awareness can help us accomplish that. This is the very foundation of my own brand, VARG, which stands for Vividly Aware, Rightfully Great.

What are your favorite self-care and wellness tricks?

The most important wellness trick for me is to listen to my body and to tell myself that it’s okay. It’s okay to have bad days, it’s okay to sometimes be tired, and it’s okay to want to be happy. I’ve spent too many years being hard on myself and thinking that life is supposed to be an endless battle. It took a lot for me to realize that we can do great things and still feel healthy and good. I don’t want to look back on my early years and realize that I missed out due to constantly stressing about the future or trying hard to “reach the next milestone”. Life is right now so we better make sure we’re living it the best we can. Sometimes life comes with rest and just being ok with our weaknesses and who we are.

Besides that, I also want to encourage people to drink more water, eat more veggies (I’ve honored myself with the title of a “Happy Vegan”). Move around lot more. Don’t get too hung up on the hours spent in the gym, but value the exercise you get from everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk ten blocks instead of taking the train, and stand up in the office if you have the chance. You’d be surprised by the difference it makes!

What’s one thing you wish the world knew about you when they look at you in a photo you’re modeling in?

I wish they knew that I wish I had the power to send them all the good vibes in the world. I’d like people to look at a picture of me and be happy and feel good about who they are. I want people to be inspired to care about themselves and this planet. If anything, I’d wish to be a model as a reminder for people to care about all the important things in this world. If they can look at me and think “damn, I better bring some awareness to this moment and just smile,” then I’d smile too!

I young kid I babysit asked me “Why are you a model? Do you really want to be a reason to why so many girls on this planet feel bad about themselves?” and it really took me by surprise. No, that’s not at all what I want. In fact, I truly wish for the opposite. I want to be a model so that young girls can feel inspired and learn how to love themselves — it’s taken a lot for me to learn how to love myself. This kid is nine years old, and it scares me a bit to think that he’s already gotten it. He understands the world we now live in, and I can only wish that I can be part of changing that world.



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