PR — Shopitag launch: growth hacking platform for e-commerce

BRUSSELS, Belgium, 28 September 2018 — Infinity Mobile, a Belgian company active on the domains of chatbots and e-commerce, is proud to announce the launch of its e-commerce platform Shopitag. The platform aims to bring convenience to consumers by helping business customers to create contextual offers in small online pop-up shops. A solution ideal for all companies that look for an e-commerce testbed to quickly affirm their assumptions on what products and which sales channels will work for their business.

SMEs and smaller companies are increasing interested in the opportunities that e-commerce offers, but they fear the time, resources and costs that are weighed against a return that is not guaranteed. To break down that barrier, we developed Shopitag”, explains Geert Roete, the CEO of Infinity Mobile. “With Shopitag it is possible to set up one or more online pop-up shops, allowing you to test the market very rapidly.”

Shopitag is especially crafted for ease of use. Merchants can quickly create an account and immediately create a first pop-up shop. They can integrate these with the sales channels they already use today, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, their own website, and so on. Shopitag is designed to ensure a seamless shopping experience on mobile. Any pop-up shop can also be customized to reflect the branding of the business.

Shopitag does not necessarily replace the existing webshop of a customer if they already have one. This is the flexibility that makes Shopitag stand out from the crowd”, Benoit Hossay, co-founder, adds. “There are plenty of scenarios to think of where you want to run a few pop-up shops next to the webshop: just think of testing to sell abroad (cross-border), testing new products in combination with new sales channels, etc.”.

In addition to this low-threshold approach, Shopitag is strongly committed to so-called conversational commerce. This strongly emerging segment of e-commerce is special because the customer is helped personally via chat (and in the future via voice). This leads to increased conversion and the customer is satisfied with a personal guidance. To stimulate this conversational commerce, Shopitag has partnered with messaging giant Intercom, to provide a shop-in-chat solution.

Today, the Shopitag platform is open for business, and already attracted more than 500 businesses from no less than 22 different countries during its beta phase. The merchants using the platform range from small businesses, to well-known companies such as Van der Valk, Panini and Brussels Airport. The platform is connected to partners such as Intercom and Teamleader, and Infinity Mobile has also entered into agreements with ING Bank Belgium and a postal operator (name soon announced).

countries showing merchants Shopitag (via Google Analytics)

Shopitag is free to start and comes with all functionalities as long as the user does not realize more than 3 sales per month. There are also several paying licenses that do not have this limitation. It is a complete SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that requires no additional downloads or modifications to the customer’s IT and software setup, and is securely hosted in the cloud.

About Shopitag and Infinity Mobile

Shopitag is an e-commerce platform available in 5 languages (EN, ES, FR, DE, NL) that allows business owners to set up smart, online pop-up shops, focused and extreme personalized. It meets the needs of entrepreneurs who would like to sell (more) online, but that do not have the time, resources and experience to do this in an efficient manner.

Infinity Mobile is a digital e-commerce player that focuses on ordering & payment solutions for retail, catering and event halls. Infinity Mobile customers include Brussels Expo, Brussels Airport, Unilever, Procter&Gamble, ING Bank, Van der Valk Hotel et al.


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