Choosing the Bra that fits!

Indians thrive on family and comfort. And the best way to strengthen this filial bond is through social gatherings. And not just any social gatherings either. Indian natives bond best when there is food and dancing involved –just like in (yes you guessed it) weddings!

Differences in Dilemma

Now, showing up for weddings to support your clan is well and good. But the question that millions ponder for months before the big event is — “What should they wear?” For men, the ordeal isn’t as great. It’s relatively easier. Styles may have changed. However, they haven’t changed drastically. Thus, a normal Indian garb from a good online store would suffice.

However, women face a greater challenge. Styles of Salwar Kamees Sets and Sarees change almost every day. And for most working women, sarees prove to be too much of a hassle. It is easier to get dressed in a salwar or churidar than draping the six long yards with utter perfection.

The Inner Issue

One more issue that haunts them is choosing a proper bra to go with their salwar kurta. Urban myth has it that 90% of women don’t do their lingerie sets justice because they tend to invest in the wrong fit. Thus, choosing a bra or Lingerie Sets that compliment the attire at hand perfectly is a big to do.

When at a prestigious event as a wedding, you wouldn’t want your side or back fat to come oozing out of the seams of your dress, would you? You’d most likely use your dupatta to hide that bulging flesh. However, to quit feeling self-conscious all night, all you need to do is match your Salwar kameez Sets to the perfect lingerie.

Outline your Curves Right

Bras define your body shape. Thus choosing the best lingerie set is imperative. Salwar kameez Sets are usually complemented by uplifted brassieres. This keeps your top half steady while dancing and joining in the general merriment, and you look pretty darn good doing so too!

To buy the correct cup is also important. Bras come in a variety of different cups — seamless cups, full cups, contour cups, cut and sew cups, half cups, padded cups, petite cups, push-up cups, etc. Depending on the cut of the dress and the contours of the body, women should be careful to purchase Lingerie Sets with relevant cups, as well as relevant cup sizes.

Online Sizes

Most women do their lingerie shopping online these days. Thus, in such a scenario, it is imperative to order the right size for your Lingerie Sets. Measure yourself thoroughly, and more than once if need be, to be sure of the size you order. A few size charts that may come in handy for correct measurements are the Enamor Chart, the Jockey India Chart, the Lovable Chart, and even the Victoria’s Secret chart.

Thus, if all these specifications are taken care of, one’s purchase of both Salwar kameez Sets, as well as lingerie, should pay off, and people at weddings or other social engagements would be duly wowed.

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