Are T-Shirts A Good Option For All The Occasions?

We all love t-shirts be it cotton ones that you just slip into and go anywhere and then there are motivational workout t-shirts that you cannot afford to overlook when going to the gym. However, it comes to the styling of the t-shirt and trends then their people fall into two categories. There are people who think that t-shirt is a staple in the wardrobe but cannot be worn out outside as it looks to nonserious and juvenile. However, the other group firmly believes that t-shirts can be worn everywhere, you should only know the styling that goes into a particular t-shirt to make it perfect for different occasions. Here, we can agree with both the school of thoughts. For those traditionalists who think that t-shirt is a sloppy looking dress are not completely wrong and then those who have mastered the art of wearing the right t-shirt for every occasion and catching the attention of the fellas, they are also right in their belief.

It would not be wrong to say that much depends on how well can you style this wardrobe staple and manage to look as cool as someone in the tuxedo. Today, we decided to cover everything right from the color to the pattern that you were making the t-shirt perfect for every occasion.

When to wear the t-shirt — Before starting on this let us tell you that the t-shirts were started as the winners and gradually it has become the main clothing that fits well with the jeans. Style experts want you to keep the style minimal when it comes to the t-shirt. There are stylist experts who are on a little extreme side and say that wearing the t-shirt makes the personality look sloppy and quite laid back.

However, the one of us who have worn their thoughts on the t-shirt are not going to agree on it. There are so many motivational workout t-shirts that you can wear anywhere and look uber cool and stylish. And why would anyone wear something to the gym which gives the feeling of sloppiness? You will have to agree that t-shirts are something that is comfortable, rugged and have a history of their own. We agree that you cannot wear t-shirts in the funeral and wedding but can definitely wear it in the party. You can go to a lounge with your friends wearing a hip t-shirt in the gym or the beach. So the trick is that more than the type of t-shirt that you are wearing, you should know when to wear it. There are few factors that can help you in determining when to wear the t-shirt.

Dress Code — T-shirts are not at all appropriate for the formal occasions and therefore keep it limited to the casual wear, for going out with the friends, a night out or a sleepover at friend’s place. If you feel anything is an event for you then t-shirts would not be the right cloth to wear. You can easily wear the motivational workout t-shirt in the gym but imagine the same in a wedding.

Is it going to be active Day? Oh yes! When you are choosing between the right clothing for a hectic day then t-shirts would be the best. In case you have planned for hiking and adventure on a weekend then go for the t-shirts. However, in case your day would be busy and active as you have to meet few clients then t-shirt is not going to work and you will have to take out the executive t-shirt for the meeting. Therefore, when we say the active day then there are few things that should be kept in mind such as the purpose for which your day is going to be an active one.

Body Build — A good physique is a prerequisite for any type of clothes that you wear. In case you are a little bit on the overweight side or maybe thin, then t-shirt might not look good on you and same happens if you have a protruded belly. Therefore, a man who is too thin or too bulky should not go for the t-shirts and rather opt out for the dresses like shirts or sports t-shirts.

First Impression — There was a time when you cannot wear the motivational workout t-shirt for some say that t-shirts do not leave a very good first impression. However, with so many stylish designs that you have, it is not quite right now. Make sure that you select the best t-shirt which suits the event that you are going in.

Then you have so many things to consider such as seams, the fit and the size of the t-shirt to fit perfect. Whatever you are wearing should go in line with the event that you are going in to make the best impression.