Make your TikTok Shoppable with Shoptik

3 min readJul 19, 2020


Your brand finally made a TikTok account. You’re posting awesome video content, and getting a ton of engagement. You’re getting thousands of likes on your posts! — but somehow, those likes aren’t leading to sales.

Introducing — Shoptik! We make it possible for your TikTok followers to find and shop their favorite items, DIRECTLY from your TikTok. With Shoptik, TikTok becomes a new source of revenue.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. On your next TikTok post, let your followers know they can shop your TikTok by clicking the link in bio.
  2. Your followers click the link in your bio, where they’re sent to a shoppable version of your TikTok feed.
  3. From here, your followers can tap any of your posts, to directly shop the items in that post.
3 Taps from TikTok to Checkout!

What features does Shoptik have?

Shoppable TikTok Feed

With a shoppable TikTok feed, your followers can easily find and shop their favorite items, read your stories, reserve a room, or take any other action you wish, directly from your TikTok. Shoptik’s shoppable feed offers your fans multiple ways to shop, increasing your TikTok sales by up to 45%! With a shoppable TikTok feed, you’ll be able to transform your TikTok into a new source of revenue — and watch your likes turn into sales!

On-Site Gallery

With Shoptik, you can easily embed your shoppable feed directly onto your website. You can also add UGC to your shoppable feed and on-site gallery! This is a great way to demonstrate social proof to your customers as they browse your site.

Easily embed your shoppable feed and UGC onto your site

Custom Widgets

Shoptik allows you to integrate custom widgets to maximize your TikTok ROI. For example, you can add newsletter email collection widgets among tons of others!

Advanced Analytics

Understand every part of your followers’ journey through your shoppable TikTok feed, including total shop clicks, video clicks, and specific product clicks. Know which products your followers want, and get it in front of them.

Automatically Integrates with your TikTok

Shoptik automatically integrates with your TikTok account and instantly pulls up your TikTok videos. Making your videos shoppable is done with just a simple tap. No manual integration is required. Initial setup takes less than 1 minute.


We’re constantly working on improvements and new features to help our users turn their likes into sales on TikTok!

Partnerships and Integrations

We work with industry leaders in marketing such as MuteSix, and are always open to new partnership opportunities with other agencies looking to get their clients special discounts, extra support, custom features, etc. We also integrate with all of the top commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.

Interested in Shoptik?

If you’re a brand that’s ready to take your social strategy to the next level or an agency looking to become a partner, send us an email at or visit our website at !




Your followers love your TikTok content. Now, they can easily find and shop their favorite looks, straight from your TikTok posts.