Temporarily disconnected

There I was getting the ball rolling with a blog called Vernacular about local, Chicago designers and fabricators when this happened:

Yes, that’s me in the photo with Buddy the Horse. A bit of background: my husband and I were walking back from the Winter Park Beer Festival and noticed a horse which had gotten loose and was running down Highway 40 which is the main drag in Winter Park, CO. Cars slowed. People were uncertain what to do. The horse came around the corner onto Lions Gate Drive which you can see here. I decided to take action so I marched into the middle of the street, grabbed on to the horse, and walked him to the side of the road. Soon, the police officer pictured here arrived with a yellow rope and the owner’s dad, also pictured here, showed up with a horse trailer. Note: I’m wearing a Beer Nuts t-shirt as Beer Nuts are made in my hometown of Bloomington, IL.

You may be wondering, what’s a horse got to do with a blog? Well, Buddy the Horse turned out to be several dominos in the story of how I landed my new job as Head of Marketing for a financial services firm. The new role has been amazing and consuming over the past 8 months as I’ve focused on building a team, bringing greater focus to process and technology, and learning the business. As I get more and more comfortable with the new role, I’m getting more and more excited to spend some free time on the blog.

I’m also inspired by today’s 4.19.2016 launch of SkimmAhead which is a next leap forward for the founders of TheSkimm. Years ago, I was thrilled to become a Skimmbassador which has involved recommending a brilliant source of news and wit to colleagues and friends and seeing my name in lights on my August 6th birthday. And, I remain a committed fan of the work of the two Skimm founders: Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin. Here is a recent post of theirs on Medium.com about their story and next leap.

So, more to come with Vernacular. And, if you have local, Chicago designers and fabricators you’d like to see featured here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.