Surefire the practical war equipment manufacturer

Surefire is an American company based in California who is the producer of different kinds of flashlights, headlamps, weapon- mounted lights and laser sights. They not only concentrate on producing these core items but also focus on making other products like making knives, batteries, sound suppressor, and pica tinny rails. They are the permanent flashlights supplier to the US armed forces. The major usage of the products is done by the law enforced agencies.

They are now the leading manufacturer of core items like powerful, rugged and compact illumination tools for different strategical usages. The signature product mainly is concerned with rifles. But the sound suppressors are the best in the whole world. Let’s have a quick overview of their products in the content.


They produce different kinds of flashlights which have varying sizes with different power outputs from single cells to large 20 cell HD models. Maximum flashlights are powered by primary lithium batteries which are of less weight and allows a compact size with high power output These lithium batteries have a long life but are costly than the zinc batteries. Recently, they have also introduced flashlights with rechargeable batteries in the market which are convenient for use as one can charge it through an electric power point.

Surefire Flash lights

Sound Suppressor

Sound suppressor is one of the best products of surefire in the world. It helps to suppress the loud sound of the gun. It is attached to the barrel of the gun which helps in silent firing. It is very useful in the battlefields as due to this the enemy has no knowledge about the attack from the other end and is left unprepared in the sudden attack. These sound suppressors are highly used in armed forces.

Other products

Along with the flashlight and sound suppressor, they have other products like headlamps which are a helmet mounted infra led lights and weapon mounted lights for various rifles and handguns. Few of the handguns are designed with laser lights which help in spotting the victims even in deadly dark nights.

This company has built their base in the weapon fields and has successfully overcome all the shortcomings and proved themselves to be the best manufacturers of flashlights, sound suppressor and much more. They focused on designing practical war equipment with good quality products at a competitive price. They are the unique war equipment manufacturers who have captured the world with their innovations.