How to Set Up High-Conversion Facebook Retargeting in 3 Simple Steps

Have you been getting clicks on your short links but lacking consistent follow-through? If so, it’s time to start closing the deal. Catch those clicks while they’re hot by running an effective Facebook retargeting campaign — don’t be frightened, it’s much simpler than you think!

“First, you need decide the type of audience that you want to reach. Second, you must decide what you want your chosen audience to do.” — Neil Patel

Fill up your cup of coffee and start thinking of particular messages to grab the attention of the people who clicked on each specific short link. Once they are interested enough to click on your specific short link, your job is to convert that interest into results!

Above all, select one of the short links on Shorby dashboard with enough clicks to run your ad. Usually, 20 clicks is required, but 100+ is recommended. Although you can combine several relevant links to the same audience if you’re going to show them the same ad message, this is not necessary — it’s better to combine several audiences later, using the same Facebook ad.

Shorby dashboard

1. Create a custom audience on Facebook

Just provide your Shorby link to create the custom audience, and anyone who clicked on the link will be included in the audience for retargeting. The audience will update automatically, which is very convenient.

While you continue to sip on your coffee, think about how many days to show the ad after a person has clicked on the short link. Usually, it’s 7, 14 or 30 days. Typically, this aspect works differently for different types of people; for example, 14 days is perfect if you sell dresses, but, if you sell real estate, consider going for 90 days.

How to create Facebook custom audience for retargeting

2. Create a cost-effective Facebook ad set

Creating your ad using these five simple options to create ad set will allow you to employ highly precise targeting:

Custom Audience. Select your custom audience or combine several audiences when you create each ad.

Location. Choose selectively! Restrict cities or countries that don’t have the market to support your operation. Don’t spend money advertising to the citizens of Antarctica, as they (likely) aren’t your target customers.

Placement. In our opinion, it is better to select the “Edit placements” option and exclude “Audience Network” — it usually supplies a wealth of clicks, but comes with a weak conversion rate. What’s the point?

Budget. For the budget, there is no specific blueprint. But, if in doubt, start by this equation: the daily budget = $0.15 x Custom Audience Size. Facebook needs some traffic to optimize the campaign, so don’t try too small budget — it may seem less risky, but it is actually just less effective. Don’t be frightened; you can pause ad campaign any time!

How to create Facebook ad sets that convert

3. Create a catchy Facebook ad

At the next step, Facebook will open the ad creation form. Our task is to increase CTR (click-through rate) so that more people click on the ad. Great CTR will knock down two birds with one stone: your ad will show much more frequently, and your cost-per-click optimizes while expenses begin to decrease.

Picture. Design or choose a bright, clickable picture. Still, you must ensure that the picture is relevant to your ad link- this undoubtedly improves conversion results.

Headline. Compose a headline that sells. Try to be clear & specific. Don’t use words that are too common; try to stand out with your word choice and vocabulary to hit the highest possible conversion rate. If applicable, try offering a discount or some bonus.

Here are a few examples of great ads to learn from:

Examples of the Facebook ads

Website URL. There are two separate methods for this. First, you can put the lead on the same content which the user clicked before. Alternatively, you can put the lead on a new or similar product. We suggest getting started with the first one if you sell something right on the destination page.

Finally, it’s time to pay the piper. Facebook will ask for your credit card information. Once you’ve entered it, the campaign is officially created and will be run automatically within a few hours — first, it must be approved by Facebook. Don’t worry; you will get an email when it does!

How to create Facebook ads that work

That’s it! Give Shorby a shot — we can’t wait to hear you share your project’s success story, and see how you use Shorby in your business; we are confident that the results of your ad campaigns will improve! To maximize the impact, try to set up more ad trackers like Adwords, Pinterest & Quora on your short links, in addition to Facebook. The awesome Pixel Set feature makes optimization easy! Add trackers to the Pixel Set only once to update all of your links. Go one step further by setting up advanced analytics tools like Google Analytics on your short links.

One more thing… Have you ever heard of the rule of 7? Here’s the great video about why retargeting is so cool & popular tool, helping all sorts of companies to sell more with minimum effort.

“How to retarget your visitors and drive visitors back to your website” – Neil Patel



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