I don’t know if it’s possible for you but I try and avoid my desk as much as possible. A little hard, since I’m in charge of people, and some days I will hold the fort so everyone can do what they need to do. But if I can, I grab the laptop and work elsewhere. I’ve a few hidey holes around the place, nothing fancy that I can work at, and sometimes, I’ll even work from the pub. And yes, I’ll have some beers while I work. I can’t do this with all my work but being able to work on my terms, and not waiting for people to come to me makes me feel so much more productive. Only issue really is the danger of not separating work and life e.g. “It doesn’t feel like work – I’m at the pub – yet I’ve been here for a while and it’s now 6pm and I’m still working. Hmm..”

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