Take Care of Your Denture with These Following Tips

You could pile on the best makeup products on your face or adorn yourself with the trendiest outfits, but the charm wears thin without a dazzling smile. And, this is where the importance of healthy and pearly white teeth step in. But, is your distorted or broken tooth preventing you from wearing a beautiful smile? If yes, then opting for denture can be the best bet you can take on. Before opting for dentures, make sure you know what you are going in for. When you have broken or distorted teeth, the perfect way to rectify the problem is to opt for denture. It is one of the most long-lasting solutions to restore the juvenile charm of your smile.

In order to take care of your dentures, you need to follow these steps. To prevent plaque and tartar build-up, you should clean your dentures every day, just like you do on your original teeth. Scroll down to know these effective denture care tips.

  • Denture care essentials:

Apart from cleaning your denture regularly and visiting your denturist, it is imperative to perform the following denture care essentials –

1. Rebase

2. Relines

3. Repairs

These services are recommended in situations when patients have loose or broken dentures. There are many people who prefer to replace a broken denture when the older one is broken. But, this is not the solution. You should realize that denture care is not just about replacing the broken or unusable dentures. With effective denture repairs, you can use the dentures for many years without any hassle. Here is a detailed and brief description of the denture care services mentioned above.


Rebase is one of the most effective denture maintenance services. The dental rebase refers to a denture maintenance service where all the acrylic in the dentures are replaced, leaving the teeth in place. It is the pink-acrylic base material which is replaced without interfering with the teeth. It helps create a more stable denture without the necessity of substituting denture teeth. Thinking why should you opt for a rebase? Firstly, the denture base material has worn out as compared to teeth, thereby creating an old or weakened base. Also, when your denture is broken, you can think of getting a rebase.


Over time, the bone structure and tissue in the mouth changes. Other reasons for such changes include tooth loss, weight loss, general aging, disease and other factors that cause the denture to get loose. This denture care process is involved in adding a new acrylic base material to the denture to create the proper fit. A reline is mainly meant for to optimize your denture fit. Also, relines don’t have any effect neither on your teeth, nor on the appearance of your denture.


The denture repairs are the perfect alternative to a complete denture replacement. The need for repairs step in when breakage or chipping occurs over time. It works wonders in restoring the damaged denture back to its optimal condition. Wondering how to maintain it? Don’t worry! You will be advised by the specialists on how to care for your denture to avoid further breakage. Another situation, when denture repair is necessary is when you need to add teeth to your existing denture.

These above-mentioned Edmonton dental solutions can help you learn a lot about effective denture care.

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