Levelling: Before and After

After cleaning and sorting the artifacts inside of the Punt Centre premises, the first step is to secure the structural integrity of the buildings which are most likely to collapse due to damaged structural supports. The photograph below was taken before any work was done on the foundation. Both the loft and the fishing stage were careening towards the ocean. If no repairs were done, the fish stage would collapse as the rotten wooden cribbing failed to support the front end.

Elevation showing the house, loft and fish stage before intervention — notice the tilt towards the ocean, especially endangering the stage
Fish stage after levelling

The builders focused on saving the fishing stage before everything else. First, they had to open portions of the wooden floor to gain access to the foundation of the fish stage. The opening reveals the ballast and abandoned iron artifacts that provide a firm ground on which the wooden posts rest.

Before leveling (after some cleaning)
After leveling, Freeman, Jeff and Greg in the fish stage

What’s next

Now that the floor is straight and well-levelled, the builders will be replacing the temporary wooden supports with new logs. We are waiting to get logs with the right dimensions. While waiting, we are taking away the rotten siding and will be replacing it with new boards.

Greg is sitting on a temporary platform after some of the rotten siding was taken down
Facade showing the extent of remaining building envelop to be kept

About Shorefast

Shorefast is a registered Canadian charity based on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, which operates with a mission to build economic and cultural resilience on Fogo Island.

We have committed to preserving and to carrying forward the knowledge contained in Fogo Island’s traditional small wooden boat, the punt. As part of that commitment, we are restoring a fishing premises in the community of Joe Batt’s Arm. Comprising a family house, two fisherman’s lofts, a fishing stage, and a new floating dock to launch and haul up punts, the property will become known as the Punt Centre.

Here on this blog, you can follow the progression of this heritage restoration and learn about traditional outport Newfoundland architecture, and in so doing, explore the balance between heritage and modern restoration, people and architecture, design and purpose, as well as culture and locality.

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