“A Deeper Look at Sea Level Rise” will provide greater understanding of Earth’s expanding Ocean.

For starters…

The North Pole, South Pole, and Greenland are not going to melt and overflow The Ocean.

The Ocean is expanding because it’s absorbing heat from Earth’s Atmosphere.

Warming and expansion are altering the flow of Ocean water in the upper layer, causing regional Sea Level Rise in predictable areas.

Sea Level Rise is not the entire Ocean suddenly bulging upwards.

It’s all about enduring, repetitive, localized surges and upswells, caused by changing currents and rising temperatures.

The above outlook is based upon newly collected satellite info/data.

Sea Level is determined by floating altimeters relaying Ocean depths to satellites and back to the scientists.

This method began in 1992 with the launch of Earth observation satellites.

Comparisons are then made with earlier, less accurate measurements to determine long range info/data.

As you can imagine, this correlation leaves a large margin of error when looking back Centuries for figures to compare.

At this point, Sea Level Rise is not a very precise science.

The error factor is close to the total measured change thus far.


Here’s one thing you can bet on.

The US East Coast is one of the areas where Ocean warming leads inevitably to rising Sea Level.

Look at this map of Atlantic Ocean Currents

You’ll see that The Gulf Stream consists of warm water traveling North.

As The Ocean warms and expands, more warm water at the surface will travel North with The Gulf Stream.

We’ve all seen the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Picture the same scenario with Ocean depths a foot or two higher.

These Climate Change driven storms will be regular events within the lifetime of half the people on Earth.

The warming Ocean, moving North, will enable Hurricanes to sustain their power as they head Northward along The East Coast.

The expected pattern will no longer be ‘watch until the storm reaches Cape Hatteras’ as winds start to weaken and the brunt of the Hurricane heads out to Sea.

Soon, it will be more like ‘watch until the storm reaches NYC’ before we can expect winds to diminish and the storm to break apart.

As we all know, Hurricanes don’t always diminish and drift out to Sea after reaching Cape Hatteras.

Some seem to have minds of their own as they wreak havoc along the Northeast Coast.

These same conditions will continue to happen, except NYC will take over the hot spot from Cape Hatteras.

Full strength Hurricanes will regularly make land over NYC before proceeding Northward with their full tropical force intact.

They will be pushing tides that may start out two feet higher before the storm.

That, my friends, is not a pretty picture for the Northeastern United States.

Imagine the economic chaos!

This single predictable effect of Sea Level Rise alone is enough to start taking this seriously.

There will be countless more effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise to confront as we Forge Ahead

Many are pure speculation, but this one is for real and it’s NOW…!

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Steve Smyth

Shoreline Earth

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