Travel prologue

Dubrovnik. Right after sunset.

It was Spain when I started planning my Europe Trip 2015 in the beginning. Spain was the top destination on my travel wish list all times. Of course, I knew it is going to end as another ritual like I do every spring. Yes, planning travel that is not going to happen is alway part of my life. However, one summer day in 2015, I visited a local bookstore to scan travel books to Spain, and my eye came across the name Croatia.

I remember that name because one of my trusted sources hinted me in the past that I might like the place, and also the country brings my attention because of HBO series “Game of Throne.” It was the only couple of week past that season 5 of the show ended, and it was still resonating.

From that moment, my level of curiosity to Croatia increased, and started to have a detailed picture of the trip. I had about ten days of PTO, which seemed to be inadequate for traveling to Spain, but it might be enough to Croatia. I was so happy that I found Croatia as an alternative for the summer.

I booked tickets from SF to Croatia via Frankfurt right away.

After I had booked a ticket, I also figured out that Croatia was one of the hottest destination among Koreans as of the year 2015. Overall it seemed like a perfect destination for me.

Just another random sudden trip has planned!

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