How to make organic chocolate and cream for your kid

When I switched to organic diet — paleo or LCHF — one of my biggest frustrations was how to go on living without chocolate and Nutela cream. The problem lies in the fact that we have a 6 year old kid who now and then needs to get a chocolate bar or chocolate cream for breakfast and this immediately exposes you to the everlasting „sweet temptation“.

Organic cream bought in London

I got my idea when we were in London. In organic shop we bought organic hazelnut cream from Sicilly. That’s the moment when got an idea and decided to experiment when we get back home.

Eureka! I did it, using only basic ingredients easilly available for every home. The taste is definitely better from any chocolate which you can buy in the grocery store or from any other industrial chocolate cream. And it only takes about 10–15 minutes to make it.

Instead of margarine and soya lecithin which majority of chocolates are filled with, you will use natural grease — butter or fresh milk cream. Instead of artificial sweeteners, sugar or fructose syrup — we use organic honey. The chocolate that you make will consist only of real hazelnuts and will contain more cocoa than any commercialy product. And most important of all, there will be no additives or preservatives.

Recipe for organic chocolate:

  • 1 measure of butter (from a regular 100g butter cube, cut a small piece thick as your pinkie)
  • 1 and a half teaspoon of honey (quite full)
  • 3–5 teaspoons of cocoa
  • 3–5 teaspoons of ground hazelnut (or any other nuts)

Put the chunk of butter in the mixing bowl. I usually heat it in a microwave to ease up a bit but be careful — don’t melt it completely. Then, add one and a half teaspooon of honey and stir it until the mixture is unified. I’m using organic honey which is full of its own antibiotics. Then add cocoa and mix it again until you get a smooth cream. In the end, add ground hazelnuts and mix it all up. Everything must be mixed to the point when it’s not so creamy any more but not completely firm either. After that, you can put a spoon of mixture on the aluminium foil and make chocolate frizzies (see photo). Leave it all in the fridge to cool up a bit and serve load of it to your kids, without any worries. All in all, it’s just honey, butter, cocoa and hazelnuts. No additives, artificial sweeteners, no soya lecithin. This way, you know exactly what you gave your child to eat.

You can experiment a bit with the amount of cocoa and honey. Obviously if you want sweeter chocolate add a little bit more honey and if you want chocolate that resembles black chocolate then pour in some more cocoa. You can even add a pinch of salt to the whole mixture.

Recipe for organic cream:

  • 2 big spoons of fresh non-salted fresh milk cream
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 5 teaspoons of cocoa

All that it takes — ground hazelnut, honey, cocoa and mixing bowl.

Fresh milk cream which must not be salty nor sour will serve as a mixture base. Mix the cream with honey and cocoa to your taste. Mix until you get a smooth cream and then spread it on a piece of bread. My kid likes this cream more than Nutela, go figure…


Don’t ever use margarine. Margarine is totally unhealthy ingredient. If you even think using margarine then don’t bother with this homemade cream rather buy the industrial one. If that’s the case this article is definitely not for you.

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Originally published at on July 22, 2015.