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Hi Rob, good stuff. I personally have never seen a link I didn’t like (personally I think it’s hugely important that people have context behind complex topics), but I think that online journalism needs a recalibration of sorts. I spent time in newspapers myself for a good long time (only moving mostly online about five years ago) and it was valuable in terms of my thinking about information. I also spent a while running an aggregator of sorts, and the dopamine hit of a new piece of new information feels nice sometimes.

But at the same time, I do think that being thoughtful is something that we just don’t do well these days with journalism, in part because we have to post something dozens, if not hundreds of times a week. And information wasn’t meant to be consumed in that way. But it’s everywhere, and while I personally can live with that, I know a lot of folks struggle.

I know in the case of my newsletter, I publish twice a week, with two shorter pieces. That’s it. And it’s been an effective approach for me.