Style Tips for Short Guys — How to Look Taller than You Are

Before we even go into what clothes you should wear, and what colors you should choose, patterns and everything about the details, we need to point several simple ways to look taller. It is all about your posture, so in order to achieve your maximum potential of height, sit with your back straight at all times.

Your head should also be high. Never, ever have a slouched stance. Additionally, short hair helps, as it looks and is better suited for short men.

Long hair can hide your shoulders and neck, two essential body parts for taller visual look. Now, let’s go to the styling tips.

Style Tips for Short Guys — How to Look Taller than You Are

1. Slim fit clothing

If you wear loose fit, you run the risk of emphasizing your petite frame. You will look sloppy, and it sends a message that you are too small for clothes that fit you. Don’t be your own biggest enemy. Opt for slim line, that highlights the physical and helps you achieve streamline look. Skinny jeans can stretch your legs. Another good option is cigarette pants, and the same applies for shirts as well. The length of the crotch must always be in good proportion with the width of your waist.

2. Light colors for the upper body

Lighter colors help you better define the upper part of your body. Darker colors are reserved for the bottom, while lighter tones go on the bust. However, make sure that you do not create a contrast, especially never mix hues and shades. If you like some suggestions, white and blue is always a good option, or gray and plum. You can always add color via scarf.

3. Monochromatic theme

When we are at colors, we must stress that removing contrast is one of the most important aspects of your outfit. Without contrast, you can achieve that elusive streamline outlook. Keep the colors within consistent theme, especially when it comes to dark colors. That is a trick for short men to look taller.

4. Avoid prints

Bold prints have the potential to break your silhouette. You want a streamline look, not a broken look. When choosing patterns and prints, go for small and delicate patterns. Keep the patterns in collars and cuffs.

5. Vertical stripes

The best friend of short men, at least when it comes to clothing, is vertical stripes. They can instantly stretch your figure. You can find vertical strips in suits, shirts, or even casual T-shirts. It is a common fact that vertical stripes are slimming, so use the trick to its full potential. However, make sure not to break your vertical stripes.

6. Collars

Short men have trouble finding the right collar for them. Many short guys make the mistake of opting for longer collar points, thinking it will visually enhance them. However, they do the exact opposite. Collars with short points help in visually extending the look.

7. The right clothing

There are few rules when it comes to the right clothing. For example, wearing a sport or suit jacket can built up your shoulders and make you look taller. Pronounced shoulders always emphasize your height, so use them as much as possible. Match the jacket with your trousers, especially when it comes to fabrics.

High waist trousers are another trick you can use to add length to your legs. Wearing the waistband higher will create the illusion of longer trousers and longer legs.

There is also clothing that simply doesn’t fit and suit short men. Two of the biggest mistakes are short-sleeved shirts and shorts. As a short guy, you have smaller limbs, so try not to emphasize them. Wear clothing that doesn’t draw attention to your limbs. Instead, try to hide your limbs.

Summing up

Follow the 7 easy to follow style tips for short guys I recommended above and you can go from zero to fashion hero instantly.

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