Sweet Chick

Finally met Mac for a date! You know Mac, he’s the guy who gave me his number on the L train. He was actually on the way out of town that day and has been in Florida, leaving me to charm him via electronic means. Normally that wouldn’t be much of an issue but Mac has a flip phone. This means his phone doesn’t accept my normal methods of humor and sexual persuasion: emojis and naked pictures of myself.

So we spent roughly two weeks texting, both trying to be cute but not overly so. Sexy but not flat out sexual. It was rough, but we toughed it out. Slowly plans formed and I waited to see what he’d be like in person but without strangers between us.

Finally, it was Wednesday night, the big night, the big date. He agrees to meet me after work at 14th and Irving, then we are going to walk to the LES to a favorite bar of his. I get off at five and walk down the street a little. There he is, same red beanie, same cute face. He’s sitting somehow perched on the masonry of the ConEd building and he’s on time. He’s actually early, almost as though he knew how much I hate when people are late. I make a mental note.

We start walking and immediately fall into a casual conversation. It’s quite cold but we don’t complain as we get to know each other a little bit. He’s in grad school at Hunter; MFA. He just got back from Florida where he spent a week writing a musical with radical environmentalists that they can perform on contested lands. I had gone to Ikea the week before, so we had similar stories to tell.

We reach the bar and get out of the cold, drink two whiskeys each and talk about our respective past lives, gentrification, and the pace of New York. All very normal things for a first date in the city. He proves to be smart but not overly so, serious in moments and goofy in others. At dinner a few blocks over, the topic shifts to early 2000’s punk, vegetarianism, and our favorite nonfiction. We both eat vegan chicken and waffles. We’ve now crossed a threshold of gay Brooklyn cliche that I’ve not previously even approached and I really like it. I swim in its Rubicon.

We step outside after dinner, both full and happy but cold in the wind. I turn and look down at Mac and he smiles up at me. I lean in and kiss him, we stay interlocked for a few moments. Right as I pull away he goes up on his toes a little, following my lips. I put my hand on his face, we kiss again and this time a little longer, a little deeper.

“Back to Flatbush then?”

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