Your Lives Don’t Matter: McLean High School’s Message To Its Students of Color
Emily Robinson

Did the cops paint this or did students paint the rock in some perverse solidarity with the police??

I agree with Emily (I was class of 2005) that MHS kids are thriving in an environment that is as insulated, low-risk, and economically endowed as they come. You all know damn right that kids from truly disadvantaged backgrounds are a slim fraction; don’t pat yourselves on the back for all the upper-middle class Asian and Middle Eastern kids who attend. Wonderful to have this ‘eclectic’ mix of privileged children, but this is a false equivalency to real world diversity and economic inequality.

If the Police painted the rock, they are repugnant babies because again, what kind of real threat are FCPS facing in the mean streets of McLean.

If students painted the rock, it proves every point Emily has made, and that whoever those students who did this, are an absolute embarrassment to the community, reinforcing all the worst attributes of crass, entitled, clueless children of privilege.

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