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Today we present shotclock, the fastest way to quickly express what you are doing with pictures and videos. One tap to send to everyone who follows you — that’s it. There’s no faster way to send updates to your friends.

When you open shotclock, you land immediately on the camera. Simply tap the capture button to send a picture or press, hold and release to send a video. Your shot will send instantly to everyone who follows you and by default lasts for one hour. There is no preview or editing screen on shotclock.

press, hold and release to send a video

Time is a game on shotclock and there are a few simple ways to extend the hour timer for shots you receive. Starring a shot adds an additional minute and sharing a shot to your followers adds ten minutes (you can’t star or share your own shots). The more people that star and share a shot, the longer it will last.

Want to add text to your shot? Tap the screen and enter text before you send your shot. If your shot has text on it, the text is displayed on your inbox and will show in the push notification. This helps set the scene before viewing a shot and is a quick way to send an update. Links (such as can be sent on shots and are a simple way to drive followers to a store or webpage.

star or share a shot by tapping the star or plane while viewing

You can see who viewed your shot by tapping on it in the inbox. Additionally, you can see the number of stars and shares when doing this as well.

We’re excited for you to try shotclock and can’t wait to hear what you think. We have some great partners signed up for the launch — follow these shotclockers to see their updates:

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See more of shotclock in our launch video:

checkout shotclock in action

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