My Coding Journey

I’ve been a computer nerd most of my life. It all started with the paddle game on my families Macintosh and eventually led me to the awesome game Nanosaur. Once I saw the graphics and game play of Nanosaur I was hooked. Over time Macs led to more Macs which then turned into PC's and before I knew it my whole life became computers. As a teen I gamed constantly, joining online clans and participating in FPS competitions. It was also during this time in high school that I befriended a young man named Andre who introduced me to the hardware side of computers. He taught me how to take apart and build PC systems from scratch and over time helped me develop a passion for self learning/teaching. To this day over 80 percent of what I know comes from tinkering, experimenting and trying out things that interest me.

So what does this history have to do with coding? It all has to do with passion. Since the beginning every one I knew told me to try out coding. “Your so smart and passionate you should do it!” is what my family used to tell me. I was hesitant to step outside of my comfort zone but eventually gathered up the courage and stepped out. It only lasted for a brief moment. I took one look at the complexity of coding, the extensive variations of code and high-tailed it back to my comfort bubble of hardware and GUI’s. I haven’t touched it since, that is, until today.

I have been attending the Full Stack Web Developer Course at the Fire Hose Project for about a week now, currently going onto my second week. Since starting the free two week boot camp and even now I have been amazed at how much I enjoy writing code. Is it still super intimidating and overwhelming? Absolutely. BUT It’s strangely addictive and I just know if I keep going it’ll become easier. I wish I had listened to my friends and family growing up and had the courage before to get into coding. It would have saved me almost 20 years of turmoil and endless job searches. At the end of the day though I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t meant to start coding before but every cell in my body now is telling me to do it and to not give up. I just hope I can see this through.

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