Nobody is watching

And that is ok.

My channel has been live for a month, it currently has 4 videos and 7 subscribers.

Ground breaking stuff I know.

The thing I quickly came to realise is that YouTube is hard and to be successful at it you require many different skills. Skills that aren’t obvious to the person sat at the other side of the computer screen. I like most have sat and watch the vlogs of the YouTube famous, and thought “well I can do that”.

So after roping in a friend who has an interest in the video world I started Shot on White. Did the research, created a twitter and instagram planned out the first videos, filmed and edited them. Even join a YouTube network, all the while thinking the views were simply going to roll in.

The first video went up got little to no traction and even managed to gain 3 dislikes in the first 24 hours. So to say the least I wasn’t YouTube famous over night. That first 24 hours was nerve racking, had read up on how to get your video discovered, I had promoted on google plus, twitter, instagram and post links in the google plus communities. Used the SEO tags tactics and worked hard on making the video look good.

Hours of time spent on it and currently 34 people have viewed the channel trailer.

As I sit here typing away I feel a wave disappointment and anger wash over me. Not at the fact nobody is watching my videos but myself. Stats are incredibly easy to get addicted to. It happens with fitness trackers, run trackers anything that will track data you create. In those first 24 hours after posting a video I find myself watching the stats.

  • Are people watching it?
  • Did I post it at the right time?
  • Did I put the right tags on
  • Do they love me?

So what’s my point?

Do they love me?

So what’s my point?

If you are thinking of a starting YouTube or currently have a channel that is like mine. Don’t be disheartened by the fact nobody is watching, because it’s ok. You are learning what works for you and by the time you do get noticed you will be better than you are now.


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