7 Things assumed when raising first money

Entrepreneurs one after the other keep falling into the trap of thinking that world will go crazy once they make the product public i.e “LAUNCH”. One after the other most of the times they face the harsh reality that not many actually cared.

The same happens with first time entrepreneurs trying to raise their first money from outside investors. These are the seven things that we have always found common with them that goes wrong:

  1. I won’t need to go to investors, they will come
  2. I need to raise this random amount for this random reasoning, every investor will buy into the thought process
  3. I need this money and once it comes, I will have press, long lasting and loving customers,full time team(most are waiting for fundraise) and be an overnight success
  4. I will raise $x now, and then in the next three months raise $3x or $5x,as money is the only thing that can help me grow the business
  5. I will not have to invest any money of my own, the idea(not the product or product-market fit) is so great, that all of it will come just because “ THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD”
  6. I will cold mail and cold call any random investor, and they will be more than glad to talk/listen
  7. I will raise money and build something only after that. The idea(although not validated), product(although not built),market(although not researched), team(although not full time) are no barrier to getting investors