Why did we build ShotPitch and should you care?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it: Simon Sinek

We just announced private alpha that we will be doing with 10 startups and 25 Investors. The number of messages and calls we have received expressing gratitude that we took the initiative to build this and the necessity for it to exist in the market has been humbling to say the least.

I wanted to share why we built ShotPitch in the first place. Aren’t there dozens of platforms already available in the market that does the job of enabling an entrepreneur to discover and connect with investors? Then why?

It has been built because:

  1. We were done with seeing entrepreneurs day in and day out expressing their helplessness to know the right investor
  2. It disturbed us every time an entrepreneur said they find it difficult to get through to investors
  3. We wanted to end the tyranny of entrepreneurs being in fundraising mode for a long time. Shouldn’t a first time entrepreneur be spending time with their product and depend on a product that brings them closer to investors?
  4. Starting the process of fundraising has turned into random applications to platforms, pitching at events/conferences,LinkedIn, asking for introductions(to a limited set of people) etc. This pains us big time!
  5. Entrepreneurs have been made to believe that there is a limited set of investors available(one’s everyone else also talks to) and once you hear a no from some of them, fundraising is declared unsuccessful
  6. Having spent 3+ years helping the start-up ecosystem grow in India, we have had the opportunity to come face to face with this problem countless times(3000+ aspiring/existing entrepreneurs) and no one cared
  7. Everyone loves great(fundable) start-ups, no one handholds and talks to entrepreneurs who are not ready,on how to get there. They are treated as second class citizens!
  8. Lastly, because entrepreneurs are on a mission to bring something innovative into the world. It is our obligation to remove the barriers and friction that prove limiting in today’s connected world

These were the points we started from and after three months of focus, we are finally going into private alpha.

But, wait. Everything with entrepreneurs in mind, why will Investors care and come to us then? We will talk about that in the next post. We have taken immense care to make sure we provide equal delightful experience and respect time for Investors and entrepreneurs.

Would love to know your thoughts and views on the experience of fundraising as it is today.