Why not to under estimate the power of 140 Twitter characters as an entrepreneur

A lot of entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking that marketing on social media is a couple of posts on different channels i.e Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. If you are using it the same way, rethink!

One of the ways to make sure that you use different social media channels to acquire users is to know who your target audience is and not go out blindly trying to appeal to everyone and landing no where.

At ShotPitch, we have been consistently chattering with our audience since the time we put up the page on Twitter. The intention of this post is to outline why talking with prospective people via any possible channel is important and in particular how Twitter is so powerful in helping you do that.

  1. Haresh Chawla is someone with whom it is not easy to get through. If haven’t had a chance to follow his work, please follow this link to know more. Whenever you get a chance, do read up his essays. There’s a reason why we totally believe he is “Mark Suster of India” :)

2. Not everyday you get a chance to have a conversation with Hunter Walk. When you do, utilize it to the fullest.

3. An entrepreneur is hustling day in and day out. Won’t you want to meet this fabulous hustler-entrepreneur?
Due to busy calendars for both of us during our last days at Silicon Valley, we couldn’t meet in person, but will be having a Skype call soon.

4. Building a company for Startups and visiting Valley? You have to try meeting Danielle and talking to the team. Well we did that.

Outside Mattermark office before the meeting in SF

5. An entrepreneur is always crunched for time and money. There are tons of conferences happening all around the world almost every month. Sometimes you don’t attend( shouldn’t most of the time:)) because it is too costly. And then sometimes, you do because of Twitter.

It is not everyday that you spend 45 minutes in a board room set up with 10 people along with one of the most respected names in business Mr Ratan Tata

This happened via Twitter as well when Kalaari Capital launched their seed program KStart in Bangalore

There are a lot of other instances that we would love to share, but the point was to inspire entrepreneurs to never give up when reaching out to people. If you are reaching out to Investors then I will be a bit partial to say that ShotPitch can be the most frictionless and fastest mechanism to do the same.

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated with our developments. Never hesitate to chat with us, that can be a starting point :)

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