Feel the heat through the beat! Experience summer in Blanka Barbara’s album “Summer Hideout”, an electronic music with a glimpse of nature

Blanka Barbara is an excellent pianist, a great performer who realized her true dream that made her choose a different path and embrace a different stage, the stage of music creation. She is popular for her astonishing piece of music, a work of art, and now she is prepared to show us her emotions through her third EP! Feel the magical, relaxing and wonderful spirit of nature through her new album “Summer Hideout”, a record that will place you to the highest place on earth while staying in your house, at work, at school or everywhere in the world!

The third short album came as an inspiration through her experiences as a theatre composer. Rather than having that summer-like vacation feeling, it will make you feel intensity similar to Bonobo’s “Late Night Tales”, but this album will also give you an unimaginable feeling through its unique soundscapes and undeniably strong spirit.

Third edition of seasonal EPs!

This edition of her seasonal EP’s has more to offer than the other albums. “Summer Hideout” gives a wonderful beat that gives a deep ethereal wave of sound. “Opium Fumes” is an amazing piece that will make you feel how it is like to live in a different dimension. A soundscape that will truly make you feel the comfort that will take away all your worries and will give you a sense of energy to intensify your soul through its nature-like sound of calmness.

The outstanding UK-based electronica producer is one of the most refulgent minority of producers that moves forward with her unique sounds and new ways that really catches interests of people. Her latest album “Summer Hideout” is an art that does not show any signs of deceleration.

Blanka Barbara has the love of performing live for vast audiences with her wide set of skills, her DJ sets and amazing pieces of music. She became a favorite on many festivals and was loved by tons of audiences.

Follow her greatness by listening to her new album “Summer Hideout” here: https://open.spotify.com/album/35eTTMO6ewFErt1FH1xaRR

View full discography here: https://www.blankabarbara.com/music

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