Open Bottom Girdles: Men wear these and why?

It may or may not surprise you to know that open bottom girdles are not just for women any longer. Some men wear feminine girdles that are the same as the one’s women wear. It’s no secret that cross-dresser and drag queens dress in women’s undergarments, but there are other reasons men are turning to the comfort of the open bottom girdle.

That’s right, men that are neither a cross dresser or a drag queen are finding comfort for other reasons to add a girdle to their daily wardrobe. It seems that a woman’s open bottom girdle is manufactured differently than one made for men.

The open bottom girdle offers a firmer, more stable stomach control, stronger back support, and a better overall appearance when compared to the male girdles on the market. Men with chronic back pain are often advised by their doctor to wear a woman’s open bottom girdle for less pain and better posture.

When comparing the men’s version of a girdle to the women’s open bottom girdle, the females is more accessible for the average man to wear. There is more variety in women’s than what is available on the current market for male girdles.

With the man choosing to use an open bottom girdle for back support, he still can wear men’s underwear without having any complications. Patients with back injuries are often fitted with a woman girdle to wear long-term to assist with pain when there are no surgical options available for improvements.

Open bottom girdles usually come with an attached belt that the average man will not use. The solution to this is to ask for the type that has the detachable belt so that there are no unnecessary loose items. Open bottom girdles are bathroom friendly and are worn with ease over time.

When you are in need of an open bottom girdle, Shop Open Bottom Girdles, and research which item is best suited for your needs.