Tips on Distinguishing a True Antique From a Reproduction

As we have discussed that placing some unique and BOHEMIANS FINE ANTIQUES FURNITURES become a trend and people are more interested to have antique looks furniture than the new ones and also sometimes they want to make some changes to their old pre-owned furniture to give it a new-look with some enhancement and changing in its decor by having some painting techniques and give it a vintage look.


You don’t need to hire someone to check or even you don’t need to be much expert to distinguish the real antique piece, you can easily find that is it a true antique piece by genuine reproduction.

-Normally the true antique furniture are imperfect with different flaws due to regular and natural use and made by human, but if the piece is reproduced then it may be much smooth those flaws becomes contrives.

-If the furniture is made from multiple type of wood then it may show that it is real antique piece because at that time making the whole furniture throughout from same wood was difficult.

-You can also check the bottom of the chairs and tables even if they are less used but if they are true antique there must be many scratches and old marks.

-You can even smell the furniture, the new piece smells like the newer things gives and check the screws are old or made from modern screws.

-You can even find some worm holes in the furniture that indicate an antique furniture, but be sure that those holes are from worm not made by themselves.

-The board of the top or base is sometimes separates or look like two boards are joined together and shows some old black marks on it, but the new piece made will give flat and smoother look.

-You should examine all the drawers and should examine them properly from the bottom and make it sure that there should be some irregular joints and must be opened many times before rather than perfectly made from machine cut.

-You can even ask the history of that piece from the shopkeeper to give you details about that piece for your knowledge and you can also judge that piece accordingly.

These are some indications that you can check through whether your furniture is real ANTIQUE FURNITURE AT BOHEMIANS or not. You should also learn something about that collection of your interest and make yourself able to distinguish about the true piece and just ask details of that piece from the collectors that from where they got.

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