Q & A: Smuvee

I came across Smuvee on Instagram earlier this year and was instantly taken by the cool business idea and was even more amazed by the following the owner had developed on social media in just 6 months. His posts are fresh, engaging and the photographs of his food are mouth watering.

I was interested to meet the brains behind the business and to find out what motivated the owner to start up, so I made contact and popped in for a protein waffle (very tasty by the way). I perused the menu and was impressed by his offer of ‘meal prepping’ for busy working people who are looking to burn fat, to bulk or to generally get fit, and the variety on the menu with options for vegetarians and vegans was really good too. His clever marketing techniques such as #MotivationMondays and #HappyHumpDay special offers are great ways to connect with a young audience on social media and are very ‘on trend.’ — And at a time where people are much more into their fitness, healthy eating, macro counting and meal prepping, this business idea couldn’t be any more on point if he tried; and the fact that it’s based in Telford is even better for us!

So let’s meet Alex Archibald, the young and inspiring local business owner of Smuvee who’s going to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like starting such a cool health food related business in Telford…

Alex Archibald

How best would you describe what you do?

I once said to myself “ I wish there was somewhere around Telford where I could get some protein based fitness food”. However Smuvee is also a go to for all people not just fitness fanatics — I feel as though I have been able to create a menu for all people to enjoy regardless of their interests. We get people in who don’t even go to the gym at all but just love the fact they are eating something so tasty with great ingredients.

Meal Prep

What did you do prior to starting the business?

I qualified as a personal trainer but never pursued this as my main stream of income as it was never really my desired passion. My heart has and will always be with food, but due to a lack of knowledge and guidance I thought starting something within the food industry would costs tens of thousands of pounds so I never bothered. However, after working many jobs and with the most recent being in the Middle East for a year within the financial industry, and having one of the worst experiences with companies and managers in my entire life — I didn’t extend my contract when it expired. Instead I told myself I would never work for anyone else again and that’s when Smuvee was created and the rest is history!

What are the biggest challenges of running a local business?

I found it difficult to find local guidance when starting up a business— If you aren’t a very strong minded individual it is easy to let few setbacks discourage you. Whether it is planning permission, business rates, lease terms or contracts, all of them require an in depth understanding and a lot of patience. In my opinion support is the key to building a successful business and achieving your dreams and goals.

What has been the highlight of running this business so far?

My main highlight since starting up Smuvee is being able to create really fruitful relationships whilst working here, that I believe will be carried on in the future.

What do you love most about running a business in Telford/Wellington?

I love that there’s a lot of like minded individuals that are close enough to connect with and I have found that Smuvee acts as a great hub in Wellington for these people.

What is in the future for Smuvee?

The future for Smuvee is yet to be decided but we’re adamant that we would want everyone to try our products and so franchising is a very strong option!

Well whichever direction Smuvee decides to move in the future it’s set to be a positive one! Alex — I will be back in soon to try one of your famous ‘smuvees’ and the rest of you definitely need to pop along too!

You can follow Smuvee on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and also visit the website for more info on meal prep!


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