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Telford, my forever home…

Is Telford really the UK’s purpose built chav town with cheap house prices and a quick train ride out to Birmingham as some describe? Don’t get me wrong, I am rather partial to a tracksuit and a pair of Nike Air myself but if you’re a local like me you will know the answer is No. So, I will happily share with you, some more reliable home truths about my town…

Covered with luscious green spaces, Telford is the proud home of a National Trust property, a UNESCO World Heritage Site The Ironbridge Gorge and is surrounded by the rolling hills of Shropshire. Steeped in history, Telford hosts an award winning Town Park and miles of walking and cycle routes with the great county landmark ‘The Wrekin’ in sight at almost every turn.

Telford incorporates a number of smaller towns and villages such as Wellington, Oakengates, Hadley, Madeley, Ironbridge, Newport and High Ercall just to name a few. Some of these areas are listed in the Doomsday book, so hardly a new town as we are always described! Each one has retained its own identity and the ‘new town’ grew out of these existing places. We also have a high population of people who have moved here from within the UK or abroad and have chosen to make Telford their forever home.

Recently we have also seen improving nightlife with new restaurants, bars, cafes and local businesses making Telford their home which is why it is becoming an even greater place to live.

So I thought why not start a campaign to help change some of the negative perceptions and join in the quest to help raise the profile of Telford?


I’m a local girl born and bred, Wife and Mum of one… I’d like to think of myself as a typical ‘Telfordian’ who feels right at home being referred to as ‘jockey’ or ‘cocker’ and getting that feeling of home when I see the view of The Wrekin in the distance when returning from my holidays. I’ve worked in Shropshire for 20 years, mainly in Telford where community has always been at the heart of what ‘I do’. Whether it was teaching art at the local school, running a local youth centre, or face painting for a local voluntary group in my spare time, I have always felt that pull towards my love of Telford, my community, my surroundings and the people that lay within it.

Photo credit: Gavin Farr


My aim is to celebrate the positives of this town by helping to give a shout out to local businesses, including shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs and encourage more people to ‘support local’. I want to help promote some of the great events we host, the fun family leisure activities that are right here on our doorstep, and I want to keep people informed about the good news stories within our community. Most of all I want us to be proud of our home town and join in by sharing our own POSITIVE experiences about living in Telford.


My passion for where I live stems back to the days of my childhood where I fondly remember roaming the green fields of Hadley, watching my Dad play cricket from the park, and looking forward to getting lost in the maze when visiting the Wrekin giant in Wonderland. I explored the back paths of the Ercall and climbed The Wrekin on many a sunny Sunday afternoon. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer holidays I would wander around Wellington Market with my Grandparents and stop off at the local butchers in Arleston on pie day.

In my more recent adult years I have seen the town buzzing a little more each year with new nightlife, places to visit, new shops, restaurants and cafes. When the new Southwater area in town was launched my friends and I were invited to press the plunger at the official opening after winning the local ‘Telfie’ photography competition. It was a really proud moment for me, not because we were given VIP access to the opening with free fizz and food (bonus!), but because it was nice to feel part of something big in Telford, to feel part of a great community and another moment to look back on and cherish for years to come.

So, that brings me onto my campaign… There are lots of moments to share, to cherish and to look back on. Typically as a town we ooze British modesty and rarely rave about ourselves like the other neighbouring Shropshire towns; so I want to help celebrate these positives, these moments in our great community and help to Shout Out Telford!


Join in and help me Shout Out Telford by sharing your own positive experiences of living in Telford. If you are a local business owner I would love you to get involved too! Post a pic, tag me or tweet me! You can follow my 12 week journey on:





If you’ve been for a great day out somewhere in the town– give it a shout out!

If you’ve eaten or drank in a great bar or restaurant in the town — give it a shout out!

If you’ve had a great shopping experience in a local business — give it a shout out!

If you’ve taken a brilliant photograph somewhere in Telford — give it a shout out!

And don’t forget to hashtag #ShoutOutTelford to show everyone how much you #LoveTelford too!

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