Black Rose

In the shadow of the night she quietly laid away
The mirrors of sorrow just flow down,
As the forest echoes to the starry skies
And the rose awaits the dawning sun.
The darkness plagues her serenity, while the roses bleed it out
As the sun grows brighter, human depravity grows darker
Butchered is the nature , slaughtered is mankind
The fear that is lurking through her veins
Beating down her naked body hard as the falling rain.
The lovely young rose thorned to bleed
Devastated by the hunger of man’s lust and greed!
The veil of coercion across her life now lay
What was once own, now is subdued and slain.
The garb which now is removed reveals the man true state
The devil’s true self, is it really where we’ve come down ?
The solace, the peace, the beauty feels like long lost thoughts down the memory lane
As the rose lies in her misfortune, cold as death
Those fangs of insult and betrayal drive through her heart as sorrows fresh.
Mourning the inglorious domination of the man, thought not twice to waste her flesh
As she lies now in the death of night, the serene dews are long gone now.
The dagger perforating those pristine petals, make the rose in despair to bow,
The hue of her life now lay in vain, it’s just a black rose now.

Slowly she wakes up as the sun-rays hurt her eyes
But the pain within tearing her apart felt like a lie.
Her mind felt numb, heart shaken
This indignation and fear embalming her alive
As she cried for demise which felt so dear now !
As her petals dried up slowly, they went shrivel;
I stood their in front of her watching in despair,
My heart felt like stone, horrid heinous man’s nature.
My incompetence burning me from the inside
Just to realize consolation won’t be of any relief.
I go ahead to embrace and comfort her
Just to be greeted by her thorns
As I look up to see, she is gone, man has taken its toll on beauty
The Black Rose now is gone.