Showcase chooses Matic Network to secure and scale collectibles for mainstream adoption

Showcase Team
Jan 6 · 3 min read
Showcase has developed advanced scaling architecture with Matic

At Showcase, we are building the first blockchain-based platform for digital collectible merchandise — created by influencers and supporting social impact causes. In this post we will cover our longstanding relationship with the team at Matic Network, the scaling benefits of Matic Network technology and how it applies to our unique use case.

Partnering with Matic

Matic network is a blockchain platform using an adapted version of Plasma framework, originally created by Vitalik buterin and Joseph Poon. Showcase has been working intensively with Matic Network since July of 2019 to integrate with their blockchain and deploy our ERC1155 NFT’s (called “Badges”) on the network. We have had the pleasure of working with their community team and their technical team, and we cannot speak highly enough of either.

We are very excited about the future use cases on Matic, and we are pleased to formalize our partnership as we continue building on the work they have contributed to the community as a leading Plasma/Scaling solution for Blockchain applications of the future.

Highly Scalable & Secure

By allowing influencers from hundreds of niches, countries, and subcultures around the world to have open access to create digital collectibles representing their brand, our platform stands to benefit from fast, low cost and high throughput transactions offered by Matic Network. Matic uses Solidity, the blockchain application programming language created by Etheruem.

Showcase has a unique use case, allowing influencers to sell non-commercial rights to their digital creations, and we use ERC1155 contract NFTs as a proof of authenticity for these purchases. With this unique use case comes unique technical challenges associated with mass adoption and high volume transactions.

Although our blockchain smart contract code is fully compatible with Ethereum, because of our inherent scalability requirements it not feasible to deploy Badges on layer 1 (Ethereum) while supporting fiat currency payment and user-friendly UX design. After researching available scaling solutions including plasma chains, sharding, state channels and interoperability platforms we have made the well informed decision to deploy our ERC1155 contracts directly on Matic Network. These contracts will be secured on the Matic POS layer. We believe this approach will bring decentralization, trustlessness and censorship resistance to our proof of authenticity contracts at larger scale.

Matic Network is highly secure — the Matic chain(s) operators are themselves Stakers and Delegates in a Proof-of-Stake system in the Network. Because our user base consists of “normies” (normal people from outside the blockchain ecosystem), interoperability with Ethereum main chain and existing blockchain platforms is not particularly important or relevant to our users or creators — what is important is that they truly own their authentic collectible and its scarcity cannot be tampered with.

Beta Launch in 2020

As we gear up for our 2020 public release, we are excited to connect Showcase to the soon-to-be-released Matic Mainnet in the coming weeks.

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