14 Times Game of Thrones Fans Hit Us Right in the Feels During “Book of The Stranger”.

You just don’t mess with Dany. [Spoilers abound!]

#1. When we wondered if this was actually, finally happening.

#2. It was all just too much.

#3. Well. Which horrific life event should they start with?

#4. Best not to start a Walking Dead crossover.

#5. While Melisandre continues to shop for the right guy.

#6. Too much dairy CAN be a bad thing. *cringe*

#7. I’m a bit attached to my organs as well.

#8. …Let’s forgo the tomato soup tonight.

#9. Let’s be honest — it’s why half of you are here.


#11. I’ve never really trusted chellos.

#12. I ship it. Brienne/Tormund OTP.

#13. Mike drop.

#14. Let’s just pray she’s not unceremoniously stabbed.

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