New app lets you watch Game of Thrones with other fans, even if you’re not watching live.

LOS ANGELES — Showgo announced Friday that Game of Thrones’ upcoming sixth season will be added to their new app which lets users read and post comments at specific moments in TV shows.

Game of Thrones is the biggest scripted TV event of the year, so it seemed like a given to let people enjoy the new season together, even if they are watching at different times” said Showgo founder, Bubba Fish. “Live TV has been in decline over the past few years in favor of on demand. This is finally the year that TV fans can watch shows like GoT both live and later and still experience them with friends and fans all over the world.”

As Soundcloud lets users comment at specific moments in songs, Showgo does the same for TV shows. The app lets users see how other fans reacted to their episode as if everyone were watching it simultaneously. By listening to the audio of the show playing, the app syncs seamlessly with the episode so users can post their own reactions for all future viewers to see. And since comments only show up when you arrive at the moment in the show they were posted, the platform is virtually free of pesky spoilers.

Game of Thrones will be the LA-based startup’s first foray into HBO programming, which the company will use to test the interest level of including more shows that air on TV first before they are posted online. Showgo currently supports 12 Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon original shows and has added at least one new show every week since launch.

Showgo’s iOS app debuted in mid March at SXSW Accelerator in Austin and has since evolved into an active community of TV fans watching shows together, such as Netflix’s House of Cards, Hulu’s 11.22.63, and Amazon’s Catastrophe. The app currently boasts a 5-star user rating from it’s first month on the App Store.

Showgo is currently available for free on iOS, and the company plans to launch on Android later this year.

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